Google Play Music

A couple of months back Google reintroduced limits on the number of devices Google Play Music subscribers could deauthorize each year. Whereas before you could remove mobile devices from your ten-device bank at any time, from Aug. 7 users were told they could deauthorize just four per year. Now it seems that deauthorization limit may have been lifted, or at least temporarily eased.

We're able to deauthorize devices once again — but it's unclear exactly what's going on.

This morning several AC staffers have found they're able to remove more than four devices, even after previously hitting the annual deauthorization limit. And curiously, the Google Play Music web and app interfaces seem to handle things a little differently. We were able to get an extra four deauthorizations out of the web interface, but the Play Music app — on both Android and iOS — seemed to give us limitless deauthorizations.

It's unclear whether this is an intentional change by Google, though the Play Music website and support docs still refer to the four-device limit for deauths. It's also possible this is merely a software glitch that'll be cleared up before long. In any case, if you've got old, unused phones taking up valuable device slots, now might be a good time to see about deauthorizing them.

To do so, head to Settings > General > My devices in the app. If you'd previously hit the limit, jump into the comments and let us know if you're able to remove any more.