Google apparently is still planning on selling some sort of special Android-powered "head-up-display" type glasses, according to The New York Times' Bits blog. The latest unnamed sources say it'll come sometime this year, and cost roughly the same as a current smartphone, which the NYT pegs as between $250 and $600. Navigation and cellular data would be included.

So, let's recap: There's a 10-month window, and a $450 swing in price -- never mind that a $250 smartphone is subsidized by a carrier. Gotcha. Thank you, drive through.

Gimmicky glasses have been around for some time -- including Android-powered visual displays in the likes of the Epson Moverio. This sounds different, however, so I'm going to do something I rarely do when anonymous sources are involved -- hold out hope that this could actually be pretty cool. But while folks are practically wetting themselves over the possibilty of some sci-fi Termintator type specs, consider the type of market a first-generation product like this might be targeting. Chances are it won't be the typical consumer.

And chances are it'll come in at the high end of that price range for the hardware. And that's not counting whatever the supposed cellular data will run.

Source: NYT; More: 9 to 5 Google
Goggles image via Shutterstock