We've always thought that Google's OnHub routers were some of the best products in their class, but we've also been waiting to see something done with the low-energy radios that they shipped with. From our initial review in January 2016:

With built-in support for IEEE 802.15.4, Low-energy Bluetooth Smart and Weave, OnHub will be able to connect to new products like door locks, cameras, automated sprinklers, vacuum cleaners and more directly. This opens up plenty of possibility for Google in the home automation and Internet of Things space.

OnHub turns one today, and we are finally seeing it.

OnHub router

Google has announced native Philips Hue integration is now available when using an OnHub router with the Hue hub. Users on both the protected and guest Wi-Fi networks can access the controls by simply navigating to On.Here in any browser. This makes Philips Hue the first devices that can be controlled and not just accessed through OnHub. We hope to see it followed by many more.

Google is also cutting the price of the TP-LINK OnHub model for folks who buy from Google or Amazon between now and September 30. If you've been waiting to get one — especially if you use Philips Hue lamps — now is a great time to buy.

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