Google has released an update for Androidify. The app enables you to create and share Android characters based on anything or anyone, including yourself. Google has added a bunch of new things to Androidify with this latest release. One of the highlights is the ability to send these characters in SMS conversations, or even share them as animated GIF images.

New animations are available, including laugh, dance, cheer, rock out and others. As touched on above, it's now possible to share these characters with others, which is handy if you're particularly proud of your creation. To top everything off, more clothes and accessories are available to choose from and everything is presented in a new and improved user interface.

Once you've crafted your own character, be sure to submit them to the official Androidify Gallery where they will be on display. Google will also select a few to appear in new Android advertising campaigns. As a side note, Androidify is available in English, Japanese, Korean, French and German.

Download the latest Androidify update and let us know what you make of the new additions.