Google to retire Wallet for digital purchases but not in-store NFC transactions

Google quietly announced today that it would shut down Google Wallet API for third-party digital purchases on March 2, 2015, citing a changing landscape in digital payments. Wallet will continue to function, however, for Google Play purchases. While the service for digital purchases made over the web for third-party merchants will shut down, Google Wallet will still exist and consumers will be able to make purchases for goods in physical retail stores using NFC for payments.

In a note to Internet merchants, Google stated that Google Wallet will continue to work for Google Play after the shut off date, but not for other web-based transactions.

As we continue to evolve and improve our merchant tools to meet new market challenges in the payments space, we are writing to let you know we will be retiring the Google Wallet for digital goods API on March 2, 2015.

Here's what this means for you as a merchant:

  • Process Payments until March 2: You can continue to process payments via Google Wallet for digital goods until we shut it off on March 2, 2015.

  • Remove Integration: If you don't have your own payment processing, you will need to transition to an alternate solution and remove calls to our APIs before March 2, 2015. Learn more.

  • Continued Merchant Center Access: You will continue to have access to the merchant center for processing refunds, getting payouts, and seeing reports.

Google is not offering any replacement products for Google Wallet for web purchases nor did the company make any recommendations for alternatives. As it stands right now, that market is being filled by PayPal, Amazon payments, and others.

Source: Google