Google reportedly considering putting app permissions in the hands of users

According to a new report out of Bloomberg, Google may soon bring the ability for Android users to select what aspects of their device an app can and cannot have access to before downloading from Google Play. From Bloomberg:

Google's Android operating system is set to give users more detailed choices over what apps can access, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the matter remains private. That could include photos, contacts or location. An announcement of the change, which would put Android closer in line with Apple Inc.'s iOS, is expected for Google's developer's conference in San Francisco this month, one of the people said.

Google already made great strides in making app permissions clearer to users with an update to Google Play last year. However, if this report is true, it looks like users may soon have much more control over those permissions in the future. It remains unclear is how apps may handle a lack of permissions for aspects of the device that are vital to their function, and how granular of control users will be given over apps when they're installed.

Source: Bloomberg