google play

Google has updated its support page for Google Play today, officially confirming that buyers of paid Android apps and games from the store now have two hours to obtain a refund if they wish, compared to the previous limit of just 15 minutes.

While Google was unofficially offering paid app refunds with the new two-hour window prior to today, this update to the support page makes that change permanent. If a person wants to get his or her money back after buying an app from Google Play within that longer time limit, they can go to the "My Apps" icon in the store, select the app or game that they would like to get a refund for and then select "Refund". Keep in mind, however, that not all developers will offer refunds for their apps, even within Google's new and longer window.

What do you think of Google making this change from 15 minutes to 2 hours for app refunds?

Source: Google Play support page