Google Play services

Promises better battery life for users with location reporting enabled

Google is pushing out the 4.1 version of Google Play Services, and with it comes a few nice changes. 

First off — and most important to many — is the promise of better battery life if you have location services enabled. Many users see pretty rough battery life while using location services, even if you don't. This is a known issue that Google is always fighting with — we want out phones to do a lot , and that takes juice. Finding the balance point is tough.

Another new feature is turn-based multiplayer support for developers who build games that require it. Turn data is saved in the users Google account, and the service supports 2 - 8 players. Also there is a new and optional animation when Play services load for gaming, to help contextualize things.

Next up is the developer preview of the Google Drive API. Developers can now read and write files in the users Google Drive account, and common assets like UI components and file dialogs are available.

Rounding out the changes, Google+ sharing is now easier, with better autocomplete and suggested contacts when sharing to Google+ from a Play Services connected app, and some new advertising networks are supported.

Source: Google