Google Play introduces free app of the week

In its recently launched Family section, Google Play is now hosting a 'Free App of the Week' for the first time ever. The app this week, Daniel Tiger Grr-ific Feelings by PBS KIDS, is the first time we are seeing a paid app go free, that will likely return to a paid app. Previously, Google only allowed developers to discount their paid apps, never make them free and go back to paid. We have seen prices drop as low as $0.10, so that developers could bump the price back up at a later time.

This marks the first time that a paid app has gone free, with the likelihood that it will go back to paid next week. It is unclear if this is just a promotion for the Family section, or something that Google may start doing for all sections of the Play Store weekly. You can download this weeks free app from Google Play. You will need to find the banner in the Family section to get the app for free, searching for it in the Play Store will show it as $2.99 still.