Audiobooks have been available to download and listen to on Google Play for just about two months, and now Google's aiming to make your listening experience even better with a few new tricks.

First on the list, you'll find a new feature called "Smart Resume." Pausing an audiobook in the middle of a sentence and then resuming your playback a couple minutes later can be a jarring experience, but with Smart Resume, your audiobook will automatically go back to the beginning of a sentence or word so the transition process back into your story is much more seamless.

Also new to Google Play audiobooks are Bookmarks. If there's a line or paragraph of a title that you find particularly captivating, you can tap the Bookmark icon so you can easily return to that spot whenever you'd like.

Google already allows you to control the playback speed of audiobooks, but you now have much greater control over this – including the ability to speed things up to 3x or slow down by as much as 0.5x.

Lastly, Google's expanding its Family Library feature to 13 additional countries (including Germany, Russia, Spain, Mexico, and others) and adding audiobooks as an option for Google Home's new Routines feature that just launched earlier this month.

All of these new features are rolling out to Android and iOS users starting today, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

Download: Google Play Books (free)