Google planning to bring loyalty rewards to Android Pay

Google is planning to bring some interesting loyalty programs to Android Pay by partnering up with various brands, according to the company's Senior Vice President of ads and commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy. The loyalty program sounds like it's still in the planning stages, but one of the first brands to get the loyalty treatment will apparently be Coca-Cola. From Re/Code:

Ramaswamy is planning to announce a new loyalty program coming to Android Pay. It's starting with Coke: When users buy a soda by tapping their phone — there are some 20,000 NFC-enabled Coca-Cola vending machines out there — they get reward points to buy more Cokes. Marketers are keen on this feature, as it helps them retain customers and track purchasing data. To become popular, mobile payments will need the assistance of these types of rewards services that remind people to pay with their phones.

Ramaswamy says that Google is also planning to step up its Android Pay marketing push with carrier and card partners as well. According to Ramaswamy, over 60 percent of the millions that have already linked card information to Android Pay had not previously used Google Wallet, so it appears that Android Pay is seeing some decent success so far.

Source: Re/Code