Google Photos

Google Photos already does a great job letting you share photos, videos and albums, but with its latest app update things are getting even simpler. Now when selecting photos to share, you can bypass the idea of sharing to a specific app and just send to specific people instead — the share sheet will now just have a "To:" field where you can type names, email addresses or phone numbers.

Google Photos then figures out the best way to send to them. If they have a Google Photos account, that's great, but if they don't, Photos will send them a link via SMS or just attach the photos to a new email. You can customize how you want to send to each person you select, or just let Google choose.

The most important thing is sharing the photos — it doesn't matter how they arrive.

For many people the most important part is just getting the photos out there for people to see — it doesn't matter exactly how they get there. You can still choose to send images via an app of your choice, of course, but if you just want to send to a specific person or group, Photos can now do the hard work for you.

That's a pretty big change in the way that Google Photos lets you handle sharing, but this update doesn't stop there. Google is also testing out new automatic "creations" for you — the latest example is a short auto-generated video that shows the progression of your child growing up; all you have to do is keep your photos in Google Photos, and it does the rest. Google says it's trialing more of these advanced creations — it specifically names commemorating "good times" and "formal events" — and they'll be hitting the app soon.

Between the advanced sharing and even more automatic creations, Google Photos continues to be a fantastic way to manage, share and most importantly enjoy your photos. The new update is rolling out in the Play Store right now, but is also hitting the iOS App Store and of course the web.

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