Google has opened a new Machine Learning research group in Europe. Based at its Zurich offices, Google Research in Europe will be able to further develop ideas and projects released to AI and the like. The Zurich office is already responsible for Google tech like Knowledge Graph, as well as the conversation engine powering the assistant in Allo.


As confirmed by the official announcement, this new research group will focus on three key areas:

  • Machine Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing & Understanding
  • Machine Perception

"In pursuit of these areas, the team will actively research ways in which to improve ML infrastructure, broadly facilitating research for the community, and enabling it to be put to practical use. Furthermore, researchers in the Zurich office will be uniquely able to work closely with team linguists, advancing Natural Language Understanding in collaboration with Google Research groups across the world, all while enjoying Mountain Views of a different kind."

Google aims to take full advantage of the premier computer science research currently under way in Europe, as well as the vast talent pool coming out of universities.