Welcome, one and all, to Google I/O 2014 — Google's yearly developer conference once again taking place in San Francisco. But it's more than that, of course. And once again we've got a team on the ground – Phil Nickinson and Jerry Hildenbrand to be precise! – who will be diving deep into all the wonderful goodness Google has for us this year. The highlight for many folks might well be the keynote address, where Google executives and engineers and project managers and nerds and wannabe nerds and a few lucky journalists and the world at large (because Google streams it for all to see) will get a look at what's to come in Android – including the debut of the 'L' version – and Chrome and Chromebook. This year we're likely to also see how Android is going to join us in our cars, on our wrists and our TVs.

And sometimes there's skydiving.

But that's Google I/O. It's a mix of the absurdity that is future tech with the reality that is everyday use. But above all else, Google I/O is a fount of knowledge for those who work and develop the products that we all use day in and day out. And it's a place for those folks to come together for a few days in one of the best cities of the world, to learn and teach, together. That's what Google I/O is about.

And it's about to happen again.