Update, June 23: If you're looking for a Google Home deal in Canada, Best Buy is offering a free Chromecast with every pre-order until June 25. The product is coming out June 26.

Google Home has been out in the United States since November, it's been out in England since spring, and Google promised to bring it to five more countries, including Canada, with the ever-vague "this summer", but not concrete release date. Well, we've got that release date, and open pre-orders to go with it.

What's with that price, eh??

Google Home is available for pre-order at $179.99 starting today at the Google Store and Best Buy Canada, and if you'd rather wait for it to hit store shelves, you'll be able to walk into Google Store, Bell, Best Buy, Indigo, London Drugs, Rogers, Staples, The Source, Telus, Visions, or Walmart on June 26th and buy one. Google is promising that when the Google Home launches in Canada, Google Assistant will work in both French and English, which might be part of the reason behind the long wait we've seen.

If you're keen on dropping $179.99 to pre-order a Google Home, we suggest Best Buy Canada, which is offering a free Chromecast with your purchase.

Google Home


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