Project Ara

Google wants to help others build smartphone parts

Google has announced that the first Project Ara developer conference will be held this April 15 and 16 in Mountain View. The events will also be streamed with an interactive question and answer set up, as admission to the event itself will be limited.

What they're going to do here is the really cool part. Project Ara is the continuation of Motorola's Lego-like modular phone design concept. Different modules can be built, and when pieced together you've created a custom smartphone. It's ambitious, to say the least.

To bring a concept like this closer to reality, you need people able and willing to design the custom modules. The Ara Module Developers’ Kit will be unvieled in April, and it will be the focus of the conference. Google says there will be detailed walkthroughs and feedback sessions, which sounds like an excellent way to get things started. The full conference agenda will be posted soon at

This sounds like a great way to make this exciting project come to life. My dreams of the Jerryfone have only just begun!

Source: +Google ATAP