Google Glass

Google has just launched a pretty significant update to Google Glass, which requires a firmware update for the connected eyewear as well as an update to the MyGlass app. With the required updates, users will now be able to instantly see photos captured with Glass on their phones, get updated scores to the World Cup, remember your parking location, and also receive package tracking information. Additionally, the MyGlass update will notify you if your battery drops below 20 percent.

These updates follow the recent Glance Up notification update. The firmware version should be at XE18.1 now and Google promises that the updated MyGlass app will be arriving later this week.

Photo Sharing with MyGlass

Now, photos captured #throughglass will show up instantly on your phone where you can edit, apply filters, or share with your favorite communities like Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

Photos instantly show up on your phone for easy sharing

World Cup

Users can also get Google Now cards through Glass for tracking their favorite World Cup teams. The setup process is done via Google Now, and Google says "you'll get updates about upcoming matches, matches in progress, finished matches and division standings."

Parking Location

After a long day, or a long night, you can sometimes forget where your car is. Instead of having a "Dude, Where's My Car" moment, "just look to the left of your Glass home screen and you'll find your Parking location card" where you'll be able to follow the map back to your vehicle.

Glass will lead you back to your parked car in case you forget

Package Tracking

When you have package update information enabled in Google Now, Glass will update you when packages are delivered.

Do you find these Glass updates useful? What other features do you hope to see in Glass in the future as Google fine tunes its software?

Source: Glass Community; Via: Google+