The Google Assistant's list of various functions has grown far too large to list off every single one at this point, and while that's great, it also means that certain tricks can slip between the cracks every now and then. In the latest discovery, it appears that the Assistant (at least on Pixel 2 devices) can help troubleshoot some basic issues.

Initially spotted by Android Police, asking Assistant "why is my phone not charging" or telling it to "troubleshoot camera" will initiate a troubleshooting session where it'll ask you various questions about the issue you're having. If the Assistant can't help you resolve whatever problem you've run into, it'll ask if you want it to contact Google Support on your behalf.

The official Pixel Phone Help pages on Google's support site list the Assistant as a way for getting help with battery and Bluetooth issues, but the Assistant has also been discovered to aid with camera problems as well.

Troubleshooting with the Assistant is reported to work on Pixel 2 handsets running the Developer Preview for Android 8.1, but I also managed to get it working on my Pixel 2 running the latest November security patch for Android 8.0. However, no matter which version of Oreo you're running, this functionality does seem to be limited to the Pixel 2 for the time being.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL