Throughout the year, Google's homepage delights us with a whimsical Google Doodle honoring a notable day, event, or person. The Doodle for May 3, 2018, celebrates the life of French director and illusionist George Méliès, and it does so with Google's first-ever virtual reality Doodle.

George Méliès pioneered a variety of filmmaking techniques that made a lasting impression on the world of cinema, with some of his most notable works including A Trip to the Moon, The Impossible Voyage, and others.

Google's releasing this on the anniversary of 1912's The Conquest of the Pole, and as noted by Laurent Manonni, Director of Heritage at The Cinémathèque Française –

Méliès was fascinated by new technologies and was constantly on the lookout for new inventions. I imagine he would have been delighted to live in our era, which is so rich with immersive cinema, digital effects, and spectacular images on screen. I have no doubt he would have been flattered to find himself in the limelight via today's very first virtual reality / 360° video Google Doodle, propelled around the world thanks to a new medium with boundless magical powers.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can find the Doodle in the Google Spotlight Stories app and watch it using a Cardboard or Daydream headset. Alternatively, you can watch it without a headset as a 360-degree video right here or by clicking on the video above.

Download: Google Spotlight Stories (free)