RedLaser for Google Glass

Anybody packing Google Glass will now have a good reason to wear them while shopping, since eBay-owned RedLaser has just released their eyewear-friendly version. Using the integrated camera or microphone on Google Glass, users can do product look-ups spanning a massive database, compare prices, and find nearby retailers just itching to sell that certain something to you.

You can get GPS coordinates and navigation to get there, or if they offer online selling, you can have them send you an e-mail and complete the transaction with a click.

Finding strong use cases for Google Glass hinges on there being high-quality apps to support them, and RedLaser could very well fit that bill. If you're on the hunt for more stuff like this on mobile, be sure to dive into our favorite shopping apps for Android. RedLaser is also out for Android handhelds, and you can snag it here from Google Play.

How many of you guys are using Google Glass? Do you ever use it while shopping?