We've been discussing the possibility of a WiFi only Motorola XOOM showing up for quite some time now and although Motorola gave us a partial confirmation, that was seemingly only for Latin America. We're still looking for the North American branch of Motorola to come out and say one exists and will be sold here. Although, we may not necessarily need them to considering what is now showing up at the FCC. As described in the documents, Motorola submitted the following:

This equipment operates in the 2.4 GHz band functioning as Bluetooth and WiFi (part 15.247) as well as in the 5GHz UNII sub-bands I & IV non-DFS WiFi (part 15.407). The unit may also be connected to a computer via a USB connection. (Part 15B Computing Device Peripheral).

That sure sounds like a XOOM to us. Couple it with the fact the SARS report is in-line with that of the originally posted XOOM and we're drawing a blank as to what else it could be. There is actually two reports showing the same ID, the other shows it as a tablet. Hit the break for that image. Share your thoughts in the comments folks. [via FCC] Thanks, Tom!