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6 years ago

OpenFeint brings a slew of new games to Android


SpeedX3D - OpenFeint

OpenFeint -- the cross-platform gaming service -- has just unleashed a slew of new games on Android. Some are new, some are newer, but they all now have the power of OpenFeint behind them, meaning you can share scores and compete against your friends -- if they're on other platforms. The new wave of games, from a bevy of developers, includes:

  • Flick Kick Football (PikPok)
  • Dot 3(TM) (ustwo)
  • Cows Don’t Fly, Prism 3D, and JellyBalls (HyperBees)
  • Dynamo Kid (OrangePixel)
  • Abduction! (Psym Mobile)
  • Bonecruncher Soccer (Distinctive Developments)
  • Pocket Racing (Measured Software)
  • Egggz (SmartPix Games)
  • Chopper Control (The Game Boss)
  • Happy Island (CrowdStar)

You can find them all now in the Android Market. Full presser after the break.

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6 years ago

Lookout to offer premium version with remote lock, wipe


Lookout Premium for Android

Lookout, one of the premiere smartphone security suites, has released Lookout Premium -- offering Privacy Advisor, remote lock, and remote wipe on top of their award winning free services.  Current customers need do nothing to keep the service they have now, and the free version of Lookout will remain available for those who choose to use it over the premium package.  The premium service costs $2.99 USD per month, or $29.99 annually, and a 30-day trial is available.

We spoke with John Hering, CEO of Lookout and got the information everyone is wanting to hear, as well as some time with the new premium service.  We have the rundown, the official press release, download links and all you need to make a decision after the break. Thanks Max, Erika, and John from Lookout for taking the time to answer our questions!

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6 years ago

VZ Navigator for Droid 2 Global is here, now we just need the phone


Droid 2 Global VZ Navigator

Think back, and this is pretty much how things went for the original Droid 2, right? Leak after leak after leak, and finally Verizon announced the phone about 48 hours before it was released. So it's with little surprise that VZ Navigator for the Droid 2 Global appears in the Android Market. Leak after leak after leak, folks. Place your bets on when the phone finally appears. [via Droid Life]

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6 years ago

Android Quick App: PowerAMP [video]


PowerAMP -- Feature rich media player for Android.

PowerAMP is a very feature-rich music player that leaves me wishing for very little else.  Throughout my testing I could only think of one or two changes or additions I'd like to see, but even if development on PowerAMP ceased today, it'd still be the music player I use every day.

Just a couple weeks ago, Android users were given the opportunity to test out the beta version of Nullsoft's Winamp for Android, and you may remember how much Phil loved it for its awesome WiFi syncing capabilities.  For an app that's still in its infancy, Winamp for Android felt like a very well rounded music player.  I mention Winamp here simply because it's one of the most recent music players to hit the market, and for that reason alone I felt it necessary to touch on a few differences between Winamp and PowerAMP, mostly concering their respective widgets.

Join me after the break as I show off PowerAMP's nicely designed UI and explore its many features.  [App Homepage]

Update:  The version live on the market is slightly newer than the build I used in this video.  The version on the market (1.0 build 204) has even more features.

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6 years ago

Qik looking For T-Mobile G2 beta testers


Have a shiny new G2 and an interest to help developers optimize their applications for your handset?

Qik, the popular video streaming application for Android, is seeking G2 owners to participate in a Beta to test their application for the device.  If you're interested in helping them bring their cross platform application to your device, shoot off an email to with "T-Mobile G2 Beta Test" as the subject line.  

Happy testing! Via [Facebook]

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6 years ago

Pulse update brings Facebook links, widgets


 Pulse with Facebook Pulse widgets

Pulse, an elegant newsreader we have covered before, recently released a major new update bringing several new features. Native widgets (small and large versions versions visible above) and Facebook support are the big ones, but a redesigned UI is also a welcome change. The app will run you $.99 on the Android Market; check out the download links past the break.

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6 years ago

Android Central Editors' app picks for Oct. 28, 2010



With the Android market breaking 100,000 applications, it is no wonder why finding the perfect application can be a difficult task. Many hours are spend, many batteries killed, all in the hunt of finding a great application. Check out some of our favorite applications with us after the jump. 

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6 years ago

Adobe releases security advisory for Flash


Adobe Flash on Android

Adobe has announced another security advisory for Flash on Android, affecting all builds, including the current version of  Additionally, the same advisory goes out to users on Windows, Mac, Solaris, and Linux for builds up to and including, and for Acrobat and Reader 9.4.

According to Adobe, "This vulnerability (CVE-2010-3654) could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system. There are reports that this vulnerability is being actively exploited in the wild against Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.x. Adobe is not currently aware of attacks targeting Adobe Flash Player." 

Adobe says it is already in the process of finalizing the fix, and will have it rolled out by Nov 9.  Should any real exploits for Flash on Android surface, we'll let you know.  [Adobe via PC Mag] Thanks evoinmypalm for the tip!

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6 years ago

Google Maps updated to Version 4.6 with search improvements


Google Maps Update

Google Maps just got itself a little update in ye olde Android Market. And as you can see above, the changes are as follows: You can filter your search results by what's currently open, but neighborhood or by related searches. Also, you can browse the updated reviews section of Place Pages to read others' reviews.

OK, so not the sexiest of updates, but a fairly major one nonetheless. Have at it! [Google]

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6 years ago

Android Quick App: ChromeMarks browser bookmark sync



Tap. Tap. Sync. It's that simple to get your browser bookmarks from Chrome to Android, thanks to ChromeMarks. It's really that easy. OK, it takes a couple more taps the first time around, giving your phone permission to sync with your Google account. But it's just about the easiest way we've found to get your bookmarks from your browser to your phone. And it even follows my crazy folder scheme, which helps keep my head in order. We've got a few more screen shots after the break, plus download links. It'll be the best $2.37 you spend today.

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6 years ago

Android Quick App: the Impossible Level Game


The Impossible Level Game

Games in the Android Market are growing, both in number and in quality, by leaps and bounds, and now we have a top notch logic puzzle to waste countless hours on -- the Impossible Level Game.  The concept is simple enough, you do something unique to go on to the next level.  As you progress, that something gets harder, and harder AND HARDER!  The developers have a seriously twisted mind, and I love it.  No two levels are the same, or even close to the same, and some of them are pretty damn ridiculous, which makes for some great head-scratching gameplay. 

Ready for the best news?  Our pals at Hyperbees (check out their developers forum right here) are dropping the price for the next 24 hours, from £0.99 to £0.50.  Yes, you read it right, 50 pence -- about 75 shiny US pennies.  Now how are you going to say no to that?  We've got a video, and the Market links after the break.

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6 years ago

CyanogenMod 6.1 RC1 is here [video]



Exactly two months after the release of CyanogenMod 6, CyanogenMod 6.1 RC 1 is now live on the CyanogenMod website, and in the paid version of Rom Manager.

Built on Android 2.2.1, and packing all kinds of great features and enhancements, CM 6.1 RC1 is another step forward in the most infamous line of custom Android ROMs.  Don't let its release client status lead you to believe it's unusable, as that is far from the truth.  Anybody currently using CyanogenMod 6 is aware of its two largest drawbacks; the lack of 4G and HDMI functionality.  These two shortcomings aside, CM 6.1 RC1 is a very stable and functional ROM.

So what are you waiting for, oh rooted Android user?  Check out the changelog, start backing up your current ROM, and get downloading (Evo download link).  Once you've got it up and running, come and share your thoughts in the forums.

Join me after the break as I go over just a few of the new features you'll find in this update.

Update:  I should have clarified in this post.  CM 6.1 RC1 is only available on select devices at the moment.  To find out if your device is supported, you'll want to head over to the official CyanogenMod forums.  Their site is under heavy load right now, so it's running pretty far on the slow side.

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6 years ago

Aro proves the strength of Android's 'chaos,' says Scoble


 Aro preview

Robert Scoble, a well-known tech pundit and current iPhone user, recently got a hands on demo with Aro, a new app in closed beta for Android. The app is a complete replacement for nearly all your communication apps: email,  SMS, phone, etc. By tapping into all your messages, the app is able to intelligently link names, places, and other data together. It is a pretty complicated process, and Scoble sums it up pretty well:

What does Aro do? If, say, Bill Gates sends Steve Jobs an email, copies me, and is talking about Larry Ellison, Larry’s name will have a little square around it. Click on that square and a new UI fans out, letting me see other info. It’s like Rapportive or Xobni, but done much better and for the mobile interface. It makes your phone much more productive than it would be otherwise and that’s why I feel it’s so important.

In addition to previewing the app, Scoble talks a bit about how this kind of app is simply not possible on the more closed iPhone. Apple actively prevents developers from changing the core experience of using the iPhone, even if those changes make the phone easier to use or offer more features. A perfect example is the Swype keyboard many Android users (myself included) have fallen in love with or WiFi syncing with iTunes. There are pros and cons to both approaches, but it seems the tables are tipping in Google's favor as of late.

Scoble has posted videos of his interviews and demos of both Sywpe and Aro, which can be found past the link. If you want to sign up for the closed beta of Aro, click on the "Aro" link. [Scobleizer, Aro]

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6 years ago

Android Quick App: pvz -- a Plants vs Zombies clone [video]



We're all waiting for PopCap to get Plants vs. Zombies on Android, but developer lzn1007 goes a step further, and has released pvz -- a near-perfect clone.  Pvz has three modes, Day Mode, Night Mode, and Challenge, which correspond pretty closely to the original.  There's also two challenge modes, and they, too are essentially the same as the authorized version.  Speaking of the authorized version, I fully expect this one to get taken down for trademark or copyright issues.  I'll let the developers duke it out over those, I just wanna kill some zombies.

Fair warning -- the application asks for some permissions you're not going to care for, like location and phone state.  There's an online social-gamer component that goes through a Chinese service called WiYun (use Google Translate, link is in Chinese, and seems legit), but you can leave it disabled and play offline.  I tested it here with WiFi and mobile data disconnected and had no problems.  I also ran it through Lookout, which didn't find anything glaringly wrong.  When it's all said and done, I'm certain that enabling the online component means your submitting data to the developer, so use your own best judgment. There's a video, and download link (free, all versions of Android) after the break.

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6 years ago

Yahoo! Mail for Android requiring off-Market update [update -- Yahoo has fixed]



From the department of things that really suck: Yahoo! Mail for Android is prompting users to upgrade to version 1.2.0.  Normally we all love updates, but this time Yahoo is forcing users to download and install this update from outside the Android Market.  Users who fail to accept and install the update from are unable to use Yahoo! Mail on their phones or tablets.  We've reached out to Yahoo for a response, especially since AT&T users are out in the cold -- unless they use the Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine that is -- and if they respond we'll update accordingly.

We get it -- Yahoo and Google are competitors.  But this only serves to alienate your users, Yahoo.  Here's hoping you care enough about them to get this righted. Thanks Matthew for the heads-up!

Update from Yahoo! Mail for Android's Market page:

"IMPORTANT! A pre-release alpha version update was accidentally published on OCT 25th. If you downloaded this broken non-market version, please remove from your device and reinstall 1.0.4 from the Market"

So there you go, it was all a slip of the finger, err mouse.  Uninstall and reinstall from the Market and you're set.  I take back all those evil thoughts.

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