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3 years ago

YouTube update improves search results, channel pages


Channel discovery on mobile just got a bit easier

A small update to the YouTube app is being pushed out tonight to improve search and channel functionality. The changelog is brief here, but these are some important small tweaks. First up you'll now see channel results when you search for keywords along with video results — channels will show up at the top of the search results when a match is found.

Additionally, when you tap into those channels you'll now make use of the standardized "tab" layout on the page, which you can easily swipe left and right between Activity, Videos and Playlists. Google says that the app update has various bugfixes as well, including a bizarre issue where the Cast button would be on top of the current video when Bluetooth was connected.

You can snag the latest updated version (5.3.23 on our devices) at the Play Store link above.

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3 years ago

Sonic Dash hits the Play Store - an endless runner with your favorite SEGA characters


Android players receive special score multiplier this weekend only

SEGA is launching another Sonic game on Android today, an endless runner called Sonic Dash. This new title is an "endless runner" kind of game (think Temple Run) set in the wonderful old-school 3D Sonic world, with all of the fun associated. You'll jump, slide and roll your way through enemies, collect rings and see how long you can go without dying.

The game runs on both phones and tablets in portrait mode, and is a blast to play — even more so if you're a Sonic fan. The big downside here is the intense focus on upselling you to buying more rings, unlocks and power-ups. You'll watch video ads between runs and generally be nagged to make purchases, so if you plan on playing for long you'll want to make at least one in-app purchase with a minimum price of $3.99 to remove the ads.

Beyond the weird freemium model, SEGA seems to have another great title on its hands here, and we're glad it's made its way to Android. You can grab a download at the Play Store link above.

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3 years ago

Humble Mobile Bundle 3 adds more games to the above-average donation list


Nine games now on offer for a donation of just over $5

The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 is expanding its game offerings with three new games today. As it regularly does, at the midway point of the sale the Humble Bundle is expanding to now offer four games for donations at any amount, and another five games if you donate above the average thus far. The three new titles are as follows:

  • Hundreds
  • Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor
  • Desert Bus

That builds on the other set of great games, some of which are making their debut on the Android platform. If you're looking to pick up nine games at a great price and help out charity in the process, hit the source link below. Currently, the average donation is sitting at $5.26 — a killer deal for nine DRM-free games.

Source: Humble Bundle

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3 years ago

BBM will be preinstalled on some Android smartphones, BlackBerry says


BlackBerry this morning announced that BBM will be preloaded on some Android smartphones starting in December. The specific models weren't named — BlackBerry said "from leading [original equipment manufacturers]" — but you'll be able to find them in Africa, India, Indonesia, Latin America and the MIddle East.

Parties involved include Be, Brightstar, Celkon, EVERCORSS, IMO, Micromax, Mito, Snexian, Spice, TECNO, TiPhone and ZEN.

Via CrackBerry

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3 years ago

Samsung ChatON gets SMS support in Germany and Brazil


Samsung's IM app can take over SMS and MMS duties, but only in a couple of countries for the moment

Hot on the heels of Google Hangouts growing SMS and MMS support, Samsung's ChatON messaging app has also been updated with the ability to serve as your sole SMS and MMS app. The new feature, which at present is only live in Germany and Brazil, combines text conversations with ChatON messages, and also merges your phone contacts into your ChatON buddy list. The app has also been updated with a new badge added under the ChatON icon, allowing users to see the number of unread messages.

While ChatON is bundled on Samsung smartphones, the app supports a wide variety of Android phones from other manufacturers, meaning that like Hangouts it can presumably take over SMS duties on non-Samsung phones too. We haven't been able to get any one-on-one time with ChatON's SMS integration just yet, but it's unlikely this feature will stay exclusive to a couple of countries forever. In the meantime, if you're in Brazil or Germany and want to take this new functionality for a spin, hit the Google Play link above.

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3 years ago

HTC launches FootballFeed app for UEFA leagues


BlinkFeed-style app delivers news, photos and play-by-play info for Champions League and Europa League

As part of its ongoing three-year partnership with UEFA, HTC has launched a new Android app to allow fans to follow the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. HTC FootballFeed, as it's called, has news highlights arranged similarly to HTC's home screen reader, along with stats, match fixtures and the ability to star your favorite teams in both leagues. There's also push notification functionality, and 15-minute countdown feature to let you know when a match is about to start.

The app is available for all Android devices running Jelly Bean (4.1) and above, even if you're not an HTC user. Football (or soccer, we're not here to judge) fans can download it from Google Play at the link above. 

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3 years ago

DoubleTwist updated to support Android 4.4, clean up design


Improved tablet layout makes better use of the extra screen real estate

One of the most popular music player apps on Android over the years, DoubleTwist, is receiving an update today to be compatible with Android 4.4 and improve its overall design. The newest design improvement focuses on having a consistent look and feel across the entire app, which also fits better with Android's design guidelines to look great on devices up to and including the latest KitKat release.

The new app looks great on tablets as well, taking advantage of the extra screen real estate to reveal hidden menus and show more information in landscape mode. This all comes together to offer a great experience whether you're listening to local files, managing playlists that were synced from your computer or listening to the new Magic Radio service.

The latest update is available now in the Play Store, and because DoubleTwist makes its money with add-ons to its core app, it can be had for free.

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3 years ago

The MyTSA app (yes, really) can help you through the airport for easy holiday travel


Wait times, flight delays, local weather and more make MyTSA a useful app for travelers

Most people don't think of the TSA when they think about easy. They're those people at the airport who look like police, who have to scan your bags, push you through the x-ray machines, and sometimes fiddle with your junk. Deservedly or not, they have a pretty bad rep. They also happen to have made a really nice travel app for Android. It's not filled with HOLO, or using any amazing user interface, but it is filled with the information you would need when your getting ready to fly somewhere.

The free app has stuff you will find useful if you're trying to make it through a busy airport, especially at a busy time like the upcoming holiday weekend. It starts before you even get there, by telling you any and all flight delays and general airport delays. It knows what airport you're closest to, or you can set it manually if you've got a drive ahead of you and aren't leaving from the closest one. 

Once at your takeoff point, you can find out information like what you can and can't bring on a plane (ninja stars are check-only, by the way), how long the wait time is at the various checkpoints, and even guides to try and answer any and all questions you may have about flying, TSA policy, or travel in general. Wait times are crowd-sourced, and the app seems to update in real-time when I entered in a long wait for the main checkpoint at Dulles. The things we do for science.

I'll admit, I was surprised by the useful content, and while I can't say it will make me appreciate the next person who has to jiggle my jimmies at an airport checkpoint, it's nice to see a few tax dollars well-spent. Give it a try via the Google Play link above, and we've got a slew of screenshots after the break.

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3 years ago

Doctor Who: Legacy - A new free mobile game for Doctor Who fans arriving on Wednesday


Whovians! I know there is enough of you there, listen up! 

To help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, BBC Worldwide, Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studio have now announced a new Doctor Who game for Android and it's all set to arrive on Wednesday, November 27th. Doctor Who: Legacy is the title and it promises to be a a feast for the eyes of any fan.

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3 years ago

SwiftKey updated for new numpad options, bugfixes


Careful if you're updating on Android 4.4 KitKat, though ...

A quick heads up for those of you rocking SwiftKey — version 4.3.1 is now available. The big strokes for the changelog are bugfixes — the $ sign is back for non-English keyboards — and the option to put the numeric keypad on either the left- or right-hand side.

If you're updating on an Android 4.4 KitKat device, however, you'll need to look out for a gremlin. After updating, the Google Keyboard will again become the default — and SwiftKey won't appear in the list of default options. Two options to fix that: Hop into the SwiftKey app, and that appears to reset it, or choose "Select Input Method" from Settings>Language&Input>Default. Let's hope that gets sorted out right quick.

Swiftkey's got a more thorough changelog at the link below.

More: Swiftkey blog

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3 years ago

[Updated] Mobiata pares its FlightTrack suite to a single paid app, says it's working to make up for losing Tripit sync


Even if you've previously bought FlightTrack and FlightTrack Pro, you'll have to pony up again for this new app

Mobiata's FlightTrack app has long been a go-to app for frequent fliers — myself included. But it's always been a rather complicated affair. There was the original FlightTrack, which cost $4.99. The FlightTrack Pro download added the ability to sync with Tripit (which manages multiple itineraries with ease), but that cost another $4.99. And then the app largely remained unchanged over the years, as far as design was concerned. Loads of functionality, but it was looking stale.

Then in August 2012, Mobiata introduced FlightTrack Free. As the name implies, it cost nothing — and it brought a much improved app design. But it didn't sync with Tripit, which made a non-starter for many frequent fliers.

Now, we've got FlightTrack 5. A single app, which can be yours for another $2.99. But gone is the Tripit integration. Instead, you'll have to input flights manually, one at a time. The app does recognize when two legs are part of the same trip and links them together, which is good. But having to add four or six flights at a time is annoying — and well worth a few extra bucks to those of us that have to do frequently.

The good news is if you have the original FlightTrack (and FlightTrack Pro) installed, they'll continue to work. Also, Mobiata says it's working to make up for the missing functionality.

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4 years ago

Cox Contour hits the Play Store, lets you manage your TV on the go


Live TV functionality still limited to your home network

Making the move after being available on iOS first, Cox Cable's Contour app is now available for subscribers on Android. Designed specifically for tablets, Contour is very similar to offerings from other cable providers that let you manage your cable box and watch TV (albeit with restrictions) on your mobile device. At this point, Cox lists the Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Tab 3 as supported in this release.

With Contour, you can manage your DVR, watch on-demand video content and switch between watching shows on your tablet and your TV seamlessly. While over 100 live TV channels are available through the app, a bit of tricky wording says that you can watch "anywhere in your house," indicating that the TV offerings aren't available outside of your home network.

Regardless of the restrictions, its nice to see another cable operator provide a useful second screen experience for Android tablet users out there.

More: Cox (PRNewswire)

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4 years ago

Apps of the Week: Harmony, Soul Calibur, Lightpaper and more!


Sit down this Saturday afternoon and find a few new apps to try

Its our third of four Apps of the Week column posts for the month of November, and we're bringing you yet another great list of apps. As usual, we carve out this little bit of space each and every Saturday afternoon to gather up an app pick from each of the Android Central writers. These aren't always brand new, best-selling apps, but if they're on this list then they work for us.

This week we have a couple different games to take a look at, a way to manage certain games, and a couple utilities to round it out. Stick around after the break and see if you can find an app that piques your interest.

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4 years ago

Amazon gives their Android Appstore a major facelift


Amazon's new Appstore app carries the look and feel of their new Mojito UI to everyone

Amazon's Android Appstore has received a complete new look and feel in the latest update. Version 7 follows the dark UI scheme that they've been using for quite a while, and still doesn't have the standard Android app buttons and controls in the standard places, but it seems well built and responsive.

In fact, it looks a lot like the Appstore on the new Kindle Fire HDX devices. This makes a lot of sense, and while we would prefer a more traditional Android interface, we can;t say we hate the idea of Amazon unifying their software across devices.

A long-time favorite (come on, you've tried the free app of the day at least once), we know plenty of you guys and gals are using this one. You can check for and update from the settings, wait for the notification, or tap right here for the new version.

Thanks, Matt!

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4 years ago

Motorola Connect hits the Play Store as well, compatible with Moto's KitKat devices


Updated Chrome extension supports rich notifications

Yet another Motorola-specific app is making its way from being pre-loaded to now being managed on the Play Store, and this time it's Motorola Connect. Falling in right behind the move of Motorola Assist to Google Play, the latest version of Motorola Connect will be available to update on Motorola's Android 4.4 devices, and have a few new features.

The app, which lets you manage calls and texts in conjunction with a Chrome browser extension, will now work even if you've integrated your SMS into Hangouts and can be updated independent of the OS now that it's in the Play Store. You'll need the latest version of the Motorola Connect Chrome extension as well, which now supports Chrome's rich notifications, to complete the system. The latest Android app can be found at the Play Store link above, and the Chrome extension is downloadable from the source link below.

Source: +Punit Soni; Chrome Web Store

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