CNN's iReport citizen journalism feature is making the jump to Google Glass. For several years now CNN's been taking viewer submissions of photos and videos through their apps to augment their coverage of breaking events around the globe, and now they'll be able to take submissions of photos and videos from their viewers' faces. It's iReport, for your face!

In all seriousness, though, the addition of Google Glass getting iReport support isn't terribly shocking. Any connected camera can be used to instantly record and upload important photos and videos that can change the course of events when they're broadcast to the world. Even on CNN.

iReport can be a bit of a gimmick, something to get users involved, but having it on Google Glass also means that Glass users will be able to record and upload even faster, and now do so with their hands free. You can't yet watch CNN on Google Glass, but there's an Android app for streaming CNN anyway, so you're covered there.

For the Glass users out there that are interested, check out the source link below for instructions on how to get to submitting iReports to CNN from your face.

Source: CNN; Via: The Next Web