Money, money, money

Once you've set up your payments in Google Play, buying apps, games and music can be a breeze, but what happens when you want to use something else to pay for an app? Maybe you're saving your Google Play credit up for a movie. Maybe you don't want your partner to get upset when they see your bill covered with Google Play purchases. Maybe your debit card is almost overdrawn and you need to switch over to something else until payday. Whatever the case may be, you need to change what — or who — is billed for your latest in-app purchase spree. And the best part?

You don't even have to leave your app to do it.

Hey, big spender

Changing between your methods of payment — or even adding new ones — is a simple process that takes place right inside the purchase popup. When making a purchase, your normal method of payment will show up. If you have Google Play credit, it will default to that. Should that be insufficient, it will move on to either your Google Wallet balance or your on-file credit card. Should you wish to switch that to something else, simply tap the little arrow next to the amount due. From here, you'll be given a choice between payment options and redeeming a code.

So many ways to part a user from their money...

From this page, you can either switch to an already established form of payment or tie in another one. Tapping any new method will bring up a new window atop the payment window ...

Paypal, meet Google.

... like this. Once you fill out the required information — such as your Paypal information or your new credit card number — the method is verified and your purchase continues. You also have the option again to either redeem a new Google Play gift card should you have one handy, to set up carrier billing if you're into that sort of thing, or to directly buy yourself more Google Play credit.

As a small note on buying Google Play credit, if you're doing this not for your own account but rather for your kids, your payment info will be saved on the kiddos account unless you quickly go delete your payment info. Something to remember the next time your little gremlins runs into the room and pesters you for more credit to keep building up his army.