The best Muzei live wallpaper extensions

Freshen up your home screen with these add-ons for Muzei

Roman Nurik's Muzei live wallpaper brings a new piece of fine art to your home screen every day. But that's only the beginning — Muzei is also infinitely expandable through its extension system, allowing developers to bring content from all kinds of sources to the app. We've been digging through the Google Play Store in recent days — as well as looking at readers' suggestions — and we've come up with a list of some of the best out there.

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A good starting point for those wanting to expand their Muzei collection into the world of photography, the 500px extension by MizDev brings highlights from the 500px photgraphic community to your home screens. You can choose from a wide array of categories, and select "popular," "fresh," or "upcoming," images, or photos from the editor's choice collection, and choose refresh durations between one and 24 hours; there's also the option to refresh only on Wifi, to save mobile data, and hide adult content.



Similar to the 500px extension, Nicolas Pomepuy's Flickr for Muzei draws on content from the Yahoo-owned photo site, but goes about selecting its content a bit differently. You can filter images by user name or search keyword — so you might get less fresh images with a regular search, but it is possible to keep track of new stuff from your favorite photographer. You can also choose custom intervals for refresh, and opt to only load new images on Wifi.

Flickr Photostreams

Flickr photostreams

Matthias Robbers' Flickr Photostreams extension is a different take on a bringing Flickr to your Muzei rotation. You can add one or more users' photostreams to your collection, and rotate through them at an interval of your choosing. You also get the option to only refresh on Wifi.

Cast for Muzei


An inventive approach to a live wallpaper gallery, Cast for Muzei, by Anthony Kiniyalocts, brings Chromecast's rotation of backgrounds to your Android device. The app pulls from the same feed as Chromecast, so you'll always be up-to-date with whatever backgrounds Google's sending out to its streaming dongle. There are no config option for this extension, but you can manually cycle through the current set of Chromecast backgrounds.

APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day)


APOD Muzei by RichieApps sources its images from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day. It's a simple extension with no config options, but it delivers some great images of the cosmos, and sometimes atmospheric phenomena here on Earth.

National Geographic


Featuring some of the finest nature photography on the web, the National Geographic extension by DroidSoft UK cycles through NatGeo's picture of the day gallery. New images are added daily as the gallery is updated, and you can cycle through the gallery manually using the arrow button. Config options include refresh frequency, Wifi-only updates and "smart cache" for speedier photo updates.



Whether or not it's your search engine of choice, you can't deny that Microsoft's Bing features some awesome background images. This simple Muzei extension brings the current Bing background photo to your home screen.



As the name suggests, Muzei - Reddit by Deepak Manoharan shows current photos from Reddit on your home screen. By default there's a selection of image-centric subreddits to choose from, but you can add more by name from the config menu. Other options include Wifi refresh and update interval, and you can choose to hide NSFW material if you want.



Unsplash for Muzei by Ralph Broenink takes things back to basics, putting high-quality, high-resolution photos from in your rotation. The site adds 10 new photos every 10 days, and the current selection looks gorgeous as desktop backgrounds, whether they're blurred or unblurred.

Muzei Music Extension

Music Muzei

Muzei Music by SimpleCity puts the album art for whatever music you're listening to in your home screen background. Album art is pulled from, so you'll need a data connection for the add-on to work properly. Muzei Music Supports Google Play Music and the stock Android music player, as well as Rdio, PowerAMP, PlayerPro, Rocket Player, Doubletwist and Spotify (on Android 4.3 and above). There's an option to download on Wifi only, and you can also select the resolution of artwork to be downloaded.

Romain Guy Muzei

Romain Guy Muzei

We've long been enjoying Googler Romain Guy's photography. And while we mentioned how to add Flickr streams above, Guy's work — which he often shares for non-commercial use — deserves its own entry. (If you've got a Chromecast, you've likely seen his work there as well.) The app itself is open-source, released under Apache 2.0. Look for more settings to be added, as well as the ability to download the full photoset and not just the last 100 images.

Instagram Muzei Addon


Tony Cosentini's Instagram add-on brings your stream — or your own photos — to Muzei. After authorizing the app to use your Instagram account, just select which setting you want to use, and you're good to go.



Finally, for those who just can't choose between all the Muzei extensions they've got installed, MultiMuze lets you cycle through all your installed extensions. Choose which extensions you want to include through the config pane.

Don't forget ...

To change the source of your Muzei wallpapers, you'll need to hit the menu overflow button (three dots in the bottom right corner) and hit "customize," then make sure "choose source" is selected from the dropdown at the top of the screen. And remember you can also change the blur and dimming levels from the "advanced" panel under in dropdown menu.

Have you been using Muzei on your device? Let us know how you've been getting on down in the comments, and be sure to share any other Muzei extensions you're using!

Alex Dobie
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  • Sticking with apod, some seriously awesome shots of space. Posted via Android Central App
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  • I love Muzei. It makes my phone look even more beautiful. And shout out to The Naked and Famous :) Posted from the EVO Lte via Android Central App :)
  • Is there a way to get the picture to stay in focus longer? I like the fact that the picture blurs but would like to have it stay in focus longer than the 2 or 3 seconds that it does.
  • I think you can change how much it blurs in settings? But regarding how long it blurs, I'm not sure. Posted via Android Central App
  • Go to settings / advanced and move the slider to the left Posted via G2 + Nova
  • I'm able to change the blur sharpness and the dim factor but not how long it stays sharp when you double press it. I guess it doesn't have that functionality unless I'm just not seeing it. Still love the app though
  • I don't think it has that functionality, but the image will stay sharp as long as you move through homescreens.
  • If you like the APOD extension but would like some more options (high/low image quality, only update on wifi, update interval, show old archive images, etc) please check out my version here:
  • I downloaded all the add ons!
  • What are the in app purchases in the National Geographic app? It doesn't say. Posted via Android Central App
  • Just installed the National Geographic app & unless i'm missing something there doesn't seem to be any in app purchase. At least I can't find anything. Posted via Android Central App
  • ok...i've got muzei but can't figure out how to get to advanced settings to change the blur
    never mind...figured it
  • Tvrtrac is a great TV tracking app and now has muzei support. I'm using it with the music and multi muzei apps combined. Posted via Android Central App
  • How much data is this app using to get these pics all the time?
  • That depends on what extensions you're using. Some have options to download only when connected to wifi, change the update interval or to download images at a high or low quality to help manage data usage, but some don't.
  • Guess I'll throw mine here, if you like movies use mine :)
  • Been using the 500px ext and the photos are all high quality. I like that one that let's you choose multiple extentions, that's pretty cool. Posted via G2 + Nova
  • Quite frankly, this makes interacting with your smartphone fun again!!
  • 500px on my Ultra, APOD on my G Pad. Anxiously awaiting the AC extension :-) Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra
  • Have downloaded several of the extensions but so far I'm sticking with the classic art. Posted via Android Central App
  • Love that MultiMuze exists. I was just thinking the other day that I wish there was an extension that allowed random images from the installed extensions.
  • This app has one incredibly basic function that is missing that makes it completely unusable for me. I already have a curated folder of all of my favorite pictures but I have to add them one at a time to Muzei instead of just adding the entire folder.
  • If you have Dropbox, Dropzei for Muzei works pretty well.
  • Multimuze is awesome for showing album art when playing music and showing another source when not :)
  • Wow, these are really impressive! If you are a movie fan you can check out mine that uses movie posters from imdb:
  • Anyone found a way to center the wallpapers? It is always to the far left of the pic on my home screen. Posted via Nexus 5
  • I assume you have only one home screen.
    You have to configure your launcher by adding one "page" to the left and one to the right. Now verify that the wallpaper is centered on your home screen.
    At this point, you can safely remove the left and right page and the wallpaper will be kept centered.
    Tested on Nova launcher.
  • I've been using this on both my nexus 7 and note 3. I mostly use the 500px extension for animal pics. Like the above user, I wish there was a way to center the pics, or maybe even shrink them to the screen size. This is a seriously awesome app though. Makes me actually want to mess with my wallpaper again. Oh, and I'm definitely gonna use the multi extension. That's very cool.
  • Definitely forgot
    How can you go wrong with a new kitty every hour? :P
  • Can someone confirm the app and the various extensions only change the home screen image and not the lock screen? I would like it to change the lock screen as well. Can't seem to find an option. Thanks.