The BBC and Google have joined forces to help keep children safe when browsing online and using the internet. The two parties have joined Internet Matters, which was set up a few years back by UK service providers, including BT, Sky and Virgin Media. While the BBC and Google already promote online safety for children, this move represents a more collaborative approach.

Google Child Safety

From the Guardian report:

"Both organisations are already working with Internet Matters. The BBC is collaborating on an online guide called iWonder and will promote its work at its events. Google will work with the organisation on its visits to UK schools under its pilot Internet Legends programme, which aims to teach 10,000 children about issues such as image sharing and privacy, and could be rolled out further. Other projects are expected to be developed under what Internet Matters has described as a long-term partnership."

It's positive to see corporations banding together to work with other parties and the education sector in promoting a safer online experience for children. With more and more kids gaining access to internet-enabled devices, it's paramount that measures are taken to ensure they understand potential dangers and have the knowledge to take steps in protecting themselves.