Apple's second Android app helps you manage your Beats Pill+ speaker

Apple has released its second app for Android today — and no, it's not Apple Music. For its second release, Apple has pushed out a companion app for managing and controlling their Beats Pill+ speakers. The app does much of what you'd expect, allowing users to control music output for one or two speakers right from the app. Here's the breakdown of what you'll find with the Beats Pill+ app:

  • Like the Beats Pill+ speaker, the app has a sleek interface and is intuitive to use.
  • Connect to your Beats Pill+ from two audio sources.
  • Unlock more ways to play with two Beats Pill+ speakers for even more dynamic sound.
  • Keep track of your Beats Pill+ power levels so you always know how much battery is left.
  • In Amplify, adjust the volume of two speakers wirelessly from your external Bluetooth® source.
  • Get additional software updates and product support.

It's encouraging to see Apple's newest Android app isn't a repeated attempt to transition users to an iPhone. If you happen to own a Beats Pill+ speaker, you can go ahead and grab the app on Google Play now. As for when Apple Music will grace Android, that one is still up in the air.