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Location based services have become very popular, as we all know. Gowalla, one of the more common applications, started as an iPhone application, and since their Android development has began the application has come a long way. Gowalla 2.0 was just released, and let's take a look at it after the break.

Location-based services can be a difficult thing to accomplish because pulling information based on the devices GPS location can be a hit or miss usually. While some applications that are available struggle with their GPS location, or connection errors, Gowalla has shown that they have mastered their use of the technology. Gowalla 2.0's interface is rather simple, as it doesn't overload with options, but instead keeps a very nice, clean look. Locations are sorted by types in the application, and each location type has a designated icon, making it very easy to realize exactly which category the location falls under.

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At the top there are four simple tabs, activity, spots, trips and passport, which aids in navigating the application, and viewing all the information. What's interesting is the trips and passport tab, which you don't find in any other application available. The trips tab breaks down areas that have multiple attractions to see, like a zoo, or theme park, almost like a miniature itinerary for your visit to the location. The passport tab will show all of your check ins, the pins you have received, the items you are carrying as well as some other information about your personal profile. Overall, the application is very clean, the GPS functionality works extremely well, and provides maximum functionality for this type of social networking.

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Features of the update include: 

  •  Share photos and view those that have been attached to a Spot
  •  Comment on your journey and friends' posts
  •  View friends' Trips and bookmarked Spots
  •  Access to Facebook and Twitter profiles
  •  Accept or reject friend requests
  •  View more of your friends’ Passport information

Be sure to check out this great application for free in the Market, and share your thoughts of it with us in the Applications Forum.