Ever wish you could set your phone to an away status much like you can for many of your favorite instant messaging clients? Personally, I know there are periods of time where I have to walk away from my Droid (sad, yes I know it is a bit difficult each time it happens), and I know that people get extremely frustrated when phone calls go unanswered. Well, now instead of the person wondering if you were just ignoring, you were busy, didn't hear the phone ring or what happened, you can set the phone to send them a SMS reply, and even customize the message. Let's hop in and take a look at some of the features of this very useful and practical application -- Auto Responder. [Market link]

Whether at the movies, in a meeting, having a nice dinner with some friends, or sleeping, there are times of the day where I am unable to answer my phone, and happen to miss some phone calls as a result. Often times missed calls leave lots of questions for the person calling, and wouldn't it be so great to be able to have your device send them a SMS with a basic note explaining why you didn't answer? Personally, this is a huge help throughout my day, as people will know you truly are busy, or occupied elsewhere, so they don't continue to call or get annoyed that you did not answer.

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This application is on the slightly basic side, and pretty straightforward, but at the same time so very functional and practical. Once you enter the application you are greeted with the main screen which you are able to edit and then set your "away" status from with your custom SMS response. One of the amazing features here is that you are able to type your own custom messages, and at the same time, you can save them under various different labels, so you can use them quickly again in the future. This is great, because once it is set up you are able to just open the application, select which status, check the enable button, and you are all set.

While the application doesn't offer many other features besides several different profiles for presetting your response, it still is very useful. To be able to be walking into a meeting, set my work response, and know that people will be informed of what I am doing that doesn't allow me to answer is very comforting. Whether you are always in meetings, at concerts, in the movies or driving and unable to answer, you will find great use from this application, and should definitely check it out for the fantastic price tag of $0.00!

*For those who are interested, I am using Beautiful Widgets with the tf2Transparent Skin on it. Also, the wallpaper is readily available, shoot me an email at and I will get it to you as quickly as possible.

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