Android I/O 2014 app source code released by Google

Google announced in a blog post that it has released the source code to the popular Google I/O 2014 app, a tool that was useful to attendees of this year's Google's developer conference. In doing so, Google hopes that the source code could serve as a useful learning tool to developers on creating apps.

"We are excited to share this source code with the developer community today, and we hope it will serve as a learning tool, a source of reusable snippets and a useful example of Android app development in general," the Internet search giant said.

Google will also continue to update the app as well in the future.

The app will be a great reference tool for developers wanting to learn about Android L's Material Design and Android Wear as it contains both features.

Are you a developer? Will you be using the I/O app to gain insight on how to code with Google?

Source: Google