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New font sizes, read/unread options also available in this latest update

It's a banner day for the official Android Central app! We've just released Version 1.2 with a few more heavily requested features, some bigfixes and your basic smorgasbord of awesomeness. 

If you've yet to experience the glory that is the Android Central app, go ahead and hit up that download button. We'll wait. Then join us after the break as we walk you through a couple of the new features including -- yes -- a move to the dark side.

Joining the dark side: Welcome to night mode

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From our first release, one of the most sought-after features was a dark theme. And now we've got it. You can switch to the dark theme in the settings menu. (Look for "Night mode.") The theme persists throughout the application. 

It's become our go-to look for the app. Let us know if you'd like it to become the default.

Read/unread status in forums and blog

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This one works on the blog side as well as in the forums. Once you've read a story or thread, the title will switch to a lighter font. It's subtle, but it's noticeable.

Change font size in articles

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Another must-have feature, in our opinion. When you've got an article open, hit the overflow menu button (that's the three little dots in the top right) to get the font size options. We've included "Tiny," "Small," "Medium," "Large" and "My God, what were they thinking?"

And that's not all

Those are the big strokes. But we've also improved the widget refresh mechanism, article scrolling is better, and we've issued a host of other tweaks and bugfixes.