Who Becomes Rich

Who Becomes Rich is a fun multiple-choice trivia game where you compete to win big bucks. It closely resembles Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and is very addicting, so watch out.

The questions start out incredible easy, but gradually get more difficult as the monetary value increases. Topics include: general knowledge, sports, movies, politics, geography, biology, computer science and mathematics.

Each question has four answers and you're given three lifelines to last through the entire game. 50/50 eliminates two of the answers, ask the audience is self explanatory, and you can scrap the current question for another one.

Once you lose the game, you can enter your name to submit it to the leaderboard and even share it to Facebook if you wish.

Options include the ability to change 'Answer Clicked Wait Time', and 'Answer Solving Wait Time'.

The game app is available for free in the Android Market. Please find links to it after the break as well as more screenshots.

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