Lloyd holdin' down my lockscreen

On a lot of the content I push out, whether it be a screenshot or a video, if my lockscreen makes itself known, there's usually a comment or two asking what lockscreen I'm using or what I set up and how, so folks can reproduce the same thing on their phone. I've decided to write a handy little guide for anyone hoping to do the same, and finally put the questions to rest.

It's rather simple, and you're only going to need a few things:

Join me after the break to see the full rundown on how you, too, could have Android's sassiest mascot holding down the first thing you'll see when your screen turns on.

For starters, get all the appropriate apps, widgets, backgrounds, and sliders downloaded. Once you've completed that, the fun begins.

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WidgetLocker settingsWidgetLocker settingsWidgetLocker settings

Start by opening up WidgetLocker from your app drawer, making sure it's enabled, and head into the Look & Feel sub-menu. Check the "Alternative wallpaper" box and choose "Select wallpaper." Our hand-dandy Lloyd background should be in the Gallery, so pick that (if you're given an option), and proceed.

Selecting your Lloyd

Pick your Lloyd background and you'll be taken to another screen when you can choose which portion of the picture you want to use. If you're running a 480 x 800 resolution and don't want Lloyd's feet to be cut off, you're going to want to select as far down on the picture as you can. When you're done, hit Save.

Minimalistic TextMinimalistic Text

To have your battery status and time like mine, add a widget from Minimalistic Text, horizontal, with a 4x1 size. When you're taken to the creation menu, choose "Custom" for your widget layout.

 Minimalistic TextMinimalistic Text

For the battery status, drag the default time options out and select the battery menu, then drag Battery level text part 1 and part 2 to the empty fields. Select part 1 and change it's text type to accented. Select part 2 and change its text type to non-accented.

  Minimalistic TextMinimalistic TextMinimalistic Text

For the time, you can actually leave the default time layout, just change the text style for Normal, Accented, and Non-accented to lower case. Press OK and your widgets should be added.

jSimpson slider

Last but not least, make sure your jSimpson slider is installed (click on it from within a file manager and choose WidgetLocker as your program to use), then choose the Custom Slider option from the "Add to lock screen" menu after you long press on your lockscreen. Choose jSimpson from the bottom of the list and click Save.

That's it! You're done tricking out your lockscreen with the baddest Android mascot in the land, and now you've got the tools and know-how to teach anyone else who wants to do the same. (And let's be honest, you know some people will want to do the same.)