America's Funnies Home Videos

If you love to watch and laugh at videos of ordinary people getting in wacky accidents, then you are likely a fan of ABC's long running series America's Funniest Home Videos. The show's official Android app got updated this week in the Google Play Store with a number of new features, including a Kids Mode.

Here's how the app's developer Tigerspike describes what's included in the update:

Users will now have access to exclusive new mobile content including never-before-seen AFV videos, as well as the opportunity to create a dynamic experience by turning America's favorite LOL content into ready-to-share animated GIFs. In keeping with AFV's commitment to family-friendly content, the new app features a 'Kids Mode' which optimizes the experience for children and provides an infinitely more interactive user experience – complete with likes/dislikes, favorites, and social media features – that empower users to watch share and upload content. Plus, the 'Kids Mode' will allow parents to set viewing time limits, select the types of video categories that children can view and also provides an option to shut off the sharing/uploading function. AFV is also inviting fans to conveniently upload their own videos from their Android phone for a chance to win cash prizes and appear on the series.

What was the funniest video you ever saw while watching AFV?