4K all the films!

Pricey pixels.

While 4K offerings for your fancy new TV and your Chromecast Ultra might be slim right now, soon we may have a real selection of 4K content as Google Play Movies starts slipping 4K content into its store. Right now, a few lucky users are able to see some 4K movies but don't go rushing for a concession stand just yet.

Some enterprising Redditors are seeing 4K content available in the store, but the list of films available isn't even enough for an all-day movie marathon, consisting of films like Star Trek Beyond and Zoolander. In order to see the UHD films (maybe), you have to browse for the films in Google Play Movies rather than in the the Google Play store, and even then, it might not let you purchase them.

When the lucky users contacted Google support, they were allegedly told the feature isn't rolled out yet. Lucky them for getting to see it at all, though, and for sharing it with the rest of us. During Google's Chromecast Ultra announcements, 4K was slated to roll out in November, so hopefully we'll all see this soon, as November's halfway over already. While we may not all have 4K TVs yet, it's nice to see 4K content starting to trickle into Google Play Movies. And when Disney releases Moana in 4K, I will be there, popcorn in hand.



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