24, the smash-hit show starring Kiefer Sutherland as counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer, is back tonight with 24: Live Another Day. Set some 4 odd years after the events of Season 8, Live Another Day sees a shift from the 24 episode format of old, while still retaining the real-time action. It also sees the show leave the United States for the very first time. Oh yeah, this time it's going down in London!

The good news is that "24" fans new and old have a bunch of content to gorge on from the Google Play Store – as well as Amazon and Netflix depending where in the world you are. At 24 episodes a season and 8 seasons that's a lot of Bauer to relive! So, whether your poison is Google Play, Amazon or Netflix – and remember pricing may well be different region to region – hit the links after the break for all the classic 24 you can handle.

Google Play

Netflix (UK, Ireland, and Canada)

Amazon Instant (U.S. and UK)

Are you a 24 fan? If so, which seasons — and moments — were your favorite? And what are your thoughts on 24: Live Another Day?

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