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We saw some Google TV action not too long ago that included updates to YouTube but over at the official Google TV blog, they've expanded on what, exactly was included with that release:

  • YouTube: The new Google TV YouTube experience introduces playlists to your living room. You can now easily watch your YouTube subscriptions on your HDTV and quickly access your other playlists like Watch Later and Favorites. If you have your own channel, you can now add videos to it from your Google TV. So whether you’re a newshound wanting a constant stream of world events or you’re a curator in search of an even more endless summer of content, you can sit back on your comfy couch and enjoy YouTube’s thousands of options in the High Definition brilliance of your Google TV.
  • Photos: Your Google TV Photos app already syncs with your online photo albums uploaded to Picasa & Flickr, and now we’ve added a great new feature called Discover to your Google TV Photos app.  Discover creates an animated and constantly changing collage using photos from the albums you have uploaded online and synced with your Google TV. When you click on one of the photos in Discover, you go straight to the album where you can start a slideshow or simply view other photos in the album. With Discover you now have an even more fun way to rediscover your favorite memories caught on camera.

Google is pretty insistent that there is more updates on the way and what we're seeing now, is only a portion of what is to come. Hopefully, they'll keep things rolling because Google TV is an interesting platform that could really be expanded upon if given the time needed.

Source: Google TV Blog


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YouTube and Photos updates come to Google TV


Still waiting on logitech revue update. Not holding my breath. Thinking of taking the revue and see how it does at the gun range... Will get move enjoyment that way instead of this imaginary update.

Why is there still no talk of the Revue! The range is looking like a great place to use it. Maybe make a youtube video that the Google tv's can watch what garbage we were left with.

Those of us who bought these (for $299!) are Android evangelists. It in unfathomable that we are being snubbed like this!

Yea I think GoogleTV has potential to make smart TV's better... If every tv company comes out with there own platform I think it would be a big mess to develop for for each platform!.. Why not uses a free operating system that already has developer support??? As for Logitech and there Revue... I think the company is making a even bigger mistake calling a quits at this point!.. With the update just rolling out... And Sony TV's and blu-ray players having the update already... And two more big dogs in the tv market LG, Samsung getting ready to jump on GoogleTV... They should take a second look at this platform now that Honeycomb is here!!! I feel for all u guys!!! I almost got the Revue my self... But i said fu*k it and went with the Sony blu-ray player!!! For one, its Sony, two i needed another blu-ray player besides my PS3... Did any of u guys get a email from Google telling u a update was coming for your Revue??? I'm sure the updates coming!!! Its not like what Google been doing to all of us... Telling us a updates coming and we never see it... Sony got it... So its for real!!!