Well, well, well, what have we here? If you guessed an HTC Hero, you are correct! This week the venerable old device came out for a guest appearance on TNT's series "Leverage." Lately it seems to be quite a growing trend, more and more Android devices appearing on television, now it's time to spot some celebrities using an Android device! If you happen to get lucky and spot any more Android appearances, be sure to let us know all about it! Thanks, Sword_Chucks!


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Yet another Android appearance on television


I really want to see an Android phone on two of my favorite TV shows -- Chuck and Psych. Being NBC owned, however, I don't ever seeing it happening :(

On the tnt show The Closer they were using the EVO to videotape a confession. Actually I think a lot of tnt programming has Android phones I think I saw one on the show called Dark Blue.

Yeah...I love seeing them on my favorite shows. The only show that I really want to see an android as a regular is Big Bang Theory. I mean come on a bunch of geeks in an hour long tv show and not an android device in site?

I also really like seeing the Army embracing it. I had my annual training and saw more Android devices than iOS devices and got a warm fuzzy.

Check out the new Pepsi Max commercial, the one where the Pepsi guy films the Coke guy drinking a Pepsi in the diner. The Pepsi guy is using a stripped down Droid to film him doing it. It's the commercial where he says he's putting him on YouTube.

Yes the pepsi max commercial uses a digitally modified Droid. I had to rewind and pause the commercial to laugh at the way it looks.

Vinnie Chase looks to have been using an Evo in the latest Entourage episode. I think that now brings the total to 3 characters with Androids.