Xbox One SmartGlass

Be ready for the next generation of Xbox

Three days ahead of the retail launch of the latest Xbox, Microsoft has released a new version of its companion Xbox SmartGlass app. Just as before, the Xbox One SmartGlass app provides a second screen experience on your phone or tablet for the Xbox One in your house, giving you access to useful information on the content you're watching, your friends list, game achievements and much more.

You can also use the app to navigate the console's interface with the touchscreen, and enter text with the on-screen keyboard, which can often be drastically faster than using a standard game controller. You can grab a download of the Xbox One SmartGlass app at the Play Store link above, and stare at it solemnly as you wait for your Xbox One to arrive on Friday.

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ottscay says:


Junior chuxx says:

Downloading mines..

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Can't wait to get my console on friday

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wxrusss8 says:

Wish I had an extra 500 bucks laying around. Cool app though.

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schrack3000 says:

Sweet. And now I just have to wait for Amazon to deliver the system Friday. Call of Duty arrived yesterday, which is a horrible tease.

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anthonok says:

First Xbox one article in the history of the internet to not be a flame war. Is it Friday yet?

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What happens to the old smartglass app?

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Phillycat says:

I guess they'll keep that for 360 only.

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