The Wolf Among Us is bringing its particularly gritty point-and-click gaming to Android by way of the Amazon Appstore today. It's made by Telltale, the same folks behind The Walking Dead series of games, which are also excellent. The Wolf Among Us puts players in control of Bigby, a sheriff with a temper problem who also happens to be a wolf.

The game takes place in Fabletown, and as you might expect, there are plenty of characters that come from some childhood story. These guys have to use magic to disguise themselves and not disturb the citizens of New York, though that's not always easy. The game's first episode kicks off with an encounter with the Wolf's well-known adversary from Little Red Riding Hood, the Woodsman. It's up to you how you handle every situation, and every decision has lasting effects on the rest of the story.

The first episode is available for free through the Amazon Appstore, with additional episodes costing $4.99 each or the whole season for $14.99. Up to episode three is available now, though episode four is already out on iOS, and the grand finale is yet to come. The Wolf Among Us is great, mature take on the fantasy world. Game controllers are supported too, for those interested in playing this on the big screen via Fire TV. Be sure to download the game at the link below, and we'll be sure to let you know when the game hits the Google Play Store.


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The Wolf Among Us comes to Android through Amazon Appstore


I have 2900 coins to burn. Both games sound good. Has anyone played the Walking Dead games too? I was always a fan of the old Sierra and LucasArts point and click games from the 80's and 90's

You'll like these if you liked those old Lucas games. There's actually been a bit of a renaissance of adventure games lately amongst indie developers on PC... And they're usually much cheaper during Steam sales etc (Wolf Amongst included). I'll probably buy it again on Android regardless, might wait for a sale or Play store availability tho.

Yeah. That sucks. I want it, but not enough to not wait till it's on Google Play. Plus it sounds like it's glitchy at this time anyways.
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Guys, just wait for few weeks. Each game from Telltale appeared on Google Play few weeks after Amazon Appstore.