You could win a Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, a Galaxy S4, or some kickin' earbuds (plus accessories!) 

Earlier, we told you about Pen.UP — Samsung's new artists social network. It's a great idea and a very nicely done app, and anyone who enjoys making or viewing modern digital art (and has a supported Samsung device) should really take a look. I'm hooked, and can see a lot of time spent scrolling through all the great stuff people have made.

If you're the type who likes to create as well as look, Samsung and AC have a great contest (U.S. only) for you. We want to see your drawings, and as a little incentive to get Pen.UP off the ground Samsung has three very nice prizes to give away.

  • First Prize: A Galaxy Note 3 (on your carrier), an S-View Flip Cover, and a Galaxy Gear
  • Second Prize: A Galaxy S4 (on your carrier) and an S-View Flip Cover
  • Third Prize: A Massive Sound ESH70 wired stereo headset and a Flip Cover for your current Samsung Phone

That's a pretty great set of prizes! And winning them will be fun. Hit the break and pay close attention, as we explain how to enter.


Install, and sign up for Pen.UP (Google Play link) on your supported Samsung device. That would be the Note 2, the Note 3, the Note 8 and the Note 10.1; as well as the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. Once you have your user account all set hashtagup, create and share some drawings. There is no limit of how many you can share, but remember that nobody likes a spammer. Anything you share that you want to be a contest entry needs to have the hashtag #ACcontest in the description. We'll use that as a filter to pick the winners.

You're not quite done, because we need a way to contact the winners. After you've entered, send an email to, with the subject "PenUP" and tell us your Pen.UP user name. Use a good email address, because this is how I'll contact the winners. 

We'll pick the three winners, find their email address in our inbox, and contact you to set you up with your prizes. Got it? Great. If not sing out in the comments and I'll try to make sure everyone can get entered.

Next Sunday, we'll pick the three winners and show off their entries here on the blog. We'll also get you in touch with Samsung to get your prizes shipped out.

Pen.UP fun


Reader comments

Win some great prizes in the Samsung Pen.UP drawing contest


Not really. It makes sense. This is a Samsung sponsored contest designed to promote a Samsung app that takes promotes the advantage of the spen hardware.

Posted via Android Central App

Galaxy s3 is saying not compatible? Is it only note devices? The article mentioned the s3 and s4.

Posted via Android Central App

Not compatible with note 8.0

There's an apk on xda. Tried to post it, but android central says I was spamming and deleted my comments.

I had to download it from Samsung Apps as couldn't access on Play so maybe worth while trying there first

Posted via Android Central App

Does it have to be 100% original, or can I import a photo and draw on it and stylize it creatively in S Note?

When did the US only bit get added that sucks, certainly wasn't there when I submitted earlier

Posted via Android Central App

My mistake then still sucks tho seems all the big players only cater for the US when it comes to the awesome prizes

Posted via Android Central App

Ok I am sorry I just guess that I got over excited about the contest and the chance of winning something cool and missed the most important part...I am sorry...nice thing you are doing though

Posted via Android Central App

Proooobably because all the prizes are there and international shipping on electronic devices can become a mess?

Posted via Android Central App

Can I just add the #ACcontest to an existing artwork I have on Pen.UP? In other words, does it matter if the post is from a month ago as opposed to today?

Posted via Android Central App

What a frustrating contest. The entire reason I want a Note is because I don't have Pen Up or similar tools on my phone.

The irony of needing to download the APK to use PenUp on my Galaxy Note 8, which *does* support an SPen, while my S3 (no SPen input) should be compatible, has not escaped me. That said, my first entry is posted. *hope* *hope* *hope*

this would be fun if everyone actually had a chance. look i understand international restrictions and all. Thats not android centrals fault i get that. But you can only win an amazing new samsung device if youve already dished cash for an amazing newer samsung device with the exception of the s3 and maybe the GN 2 which is pushing it. Im guessing these are samsungs rules as well cause that just seems asinine to me. Or in simpler terms... stupid.

^^^^^^This it really doesnt take a genius to fathom that yes in order to win The Note 3 you need a Note 3 or the S3 if you can get it to work or the Note 2 being the exemptions.

However you are getting the gear and flip cover and if the winner already has the Note 3 it can always be sold therefor having some cash instead to perhaps buy the Nexus 5 that many seem to be hyping up lol

Posted via Android Central App

I can't draw but you can rock my Note 3 so we can win.

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

Anyone on a non compatible device, here is the link to the APK:
Working fine on my 10.1, and good luck

As for the contest, when is the deadline for it? the same day as the announcement of the winner ?

I'll say something positive too. There's some great artists posting drawings in the Penup app. Even if you're like me and have no artistic ability at all, go check out Penup if you can

Posted via Android Central App

Damn and USA only? Pen.up for some reason is suddenly unavailable in my country when I had it on my note 2 before I exchanged it for the note 3 grrrrr

I have a GS3 (SGH-T999) and live in the US but the playstore said it was incompatible. I then downloaded the apk and sideloaded it. Now it won't let me sign up. Saying I need a Samsung account, I have one, but it gives me no option to login to it.

I sure hope you are not judging based on artistic ability... I have never used the S pen until today for this contest....

I can't find any of the contest entries searching for the #accontest hashtag. Is there any way to actually know that we've entered?

>.> Yea if you are an artist, this is the place to go to get your confidence sunk, ever since I joined last week I have been doubting my own skill, and comparing my stuff to everyone elses, even though everyone has a different style. And since you are rated by a "favorite" button, i keep seeing all those other artists with like 100+ likes while i only have like 20-50, it makes me feel like im not good enough.