Telenav-Sprint EVO 3D contest

What could be better than the possibility of winning one of the hottest phones of the summer? How about two free phones? We're giving away not one but two Sprint HTC EVO 3D's, with some help from the folks at Sprint and TeleNav, whose TeleNav GPS Navigator app comes preloaded on the EVO 3D and is FREE for Sprint subscribers.

Here's what you need to do to enter:

  • Follow @telenav, @sprint and @androidcentral on Twitter.
  • Leave a comment on this post, including your twitter handle.
  • Contest ends at 5 p.m. PST July 15, 2011, at which time two winners will be picked at random (provided you followed the instructions above).
  • It's a Sprint phone, so you need to be in the United States. (Sorry, world.)
  • Telenav's offering the hardware only. Prize(s) estimated retail value is $600 per phone, or $1,200 total in prizes.
  • We can't stop you from entering more than once, but we'll know if you do.

That's it, folks. Follow us all on Twitter, and leave a comment here. Good luck!


Reader comments

Win one of two EVO 3Ds from TeleNav, Sprint and Android Central



My father can use an upgrade from his busted Hero. This would be perfect for him!


my birthday is sunday and its my big 21, this would make a great birthday gift. I prayed to the based gods and they said that one of the evo 3d's was destined to be mines. [= @iPiinkxO_

Awesome giveaway! A new EVO 3D would look great in my hands.

Twitter: @bthalz

What a great way to enjoy my summer! The 3D version of the HTC Evo 4G, which I have and enjoy thouroughly enjoy! Twitter @chopstewy

Hey Androidcentral...

I would love to rock this phone out and be the coolest guy on the geek block :-)

Twitter: Fastis007

This would make an awesome anniversary/21st birthday present for my redhead!

Twitter: kaoticorder

Giving this a shot! I'm going to buy an android phone soon anyway but why not try for a free?


I would love to have this for myself. It would be awesome.
My twitter handle is @winsome6

I'd like to win an Evo 3D. That may prevent me from looking at other carriers just to get a different phone.

Twitter: richardah1


I would love to win an EVO 3D since I want to buy one, winning would be better.


already following everyone that I need too :)

Man ive been trying to get the google+ others have said they have sent me invites but I havens recieved them... cry

Please let me win this so I don't have to do the terrible terrible things I would do for the evo 3d @agenteleventy

i have to say that actually touching the evo 3d i actually like it and its actually bigger that i thought it was. Twitter is @Firestarter_99

Sprint cellular is the best; am a loyal customer of Silver Premier status, love the 3D phone! TeleNav is a great GPS service; Love perusing the AndroidCentral site for tips and updates about phone apps. All three are essential to the advanced productvity of our society. Twitter: @NikNichols

If I won the Evo3D, I would probably faint. But that's ok, because eventually I would get back up and be one of the happiest people in the US. What better to go with my new Google+ account, than a new Evo3D? Thanks for this awesome opportunity Telenav, Android Central, and Sprint!

Twitter: youactappalled


I hope I win, it would be great after 9 years in the military!

Easy stuff, I was already following @sprint and @androidcentral. Would really like to win the EVO 3D.

Twitter is @docbeatle

The only thing I've won in my entire life was a stuffed teletubby when I was 7 years old. I hope I win this time...

Twitter: DreaTheSquirrel

Thank you i would love to play with the evo 3d ..thanks telenav/sprint/androdicentral

Twitter @Amireddy

Just like the Lotto baby...You got to be in it to win it! Here goes everything.
Twitter: dradaimack

Would be cool to win one for my best friend, keep her from getting lost all the time.


Twitter: @2muchtek

Would love to win one of these for my nephew!!! He is still rocking a Samsung moment!!

I would love to be a winner! :)

Twitter is: mallyj89
I am following all three.

Sweet, Hopefully the odds are on my side for the first time in my life!

Twitter Link: @dannypaquin

I'd love to win the EVO 3D for my dad. He really needs a good smartphone!

Twitter: Airburt

You guys did it again more prices ;-)
Thanks for the opportunity
Twitter: @kenpoq4

I don't want dual core, I need dual core and when you need something, that's a responsibility. Also I already have Sprint and my Epic is getting 3D envy.
Twitter: @jaredronis

I was already following you and @sprint so now @telenav gets another follower.

My twitter handle? @rstuckmaier

I would love to get this phone! I got to play with one at work today and I was green with envy!

Twitter: @rickymendoza

It'd be amazing to be able to recieve an Evo 3D, either way I wish luck to everyone participating in this raffle.:)

Twitter: @AproSamurai

I never win anything else, but what the hell. Worth a shot at a sweet phone.


I am soooo over my Blackberry and winning a these Droids would be an excellent way for me to celebrate passing my boards. Please pick me! @phatjo21

wow amazing phone htc evo 3d rules! including added bonus like telenav maps and so on its the phone everyone should have, its mine i want it .my precious!!!!!!!!!!! @borikua1977

Awesome I've been already following all three... I am mike340t on the twitter-ma-jig-thingy. I am a huge Sprint fan and tout the awesome customer service I get every chance I get!! As for Telenav, I will always prefer it over Google's Nav, something I have also touted, def brings value to my service... Android Central... well ... it's saved my butt a few times lol..

Twitter is @Richykg

Oh man it would be great if i could finally retire my old busted phone and use one of these bad boys. Hopefully this becomes a reality so good luck to all of us.

This phone is the greatest thing since man created McDonald's chicken nuggets.

Please let me enjoy the sweet savory goodness of this phone too.


Twitter: hhurtado1

I've never won anything in my life. Currently with Sprint. Hopefully I win!

Really Hope I have a chance .. almost 1,000 people .. and i would love to upgrade my palm pixi ... and I already have sprint :D pleaseee
If i win (which i really hopeso) My Twitter is @karencaudillo

I wouldn't even mind paying the extra $10 a month for those phones. The whole family could do the qik video chatting .. Now we just need the 4g in this area to make our all good.


My HTC CDMA Hero is not much fun anymore so it'd be sweet for a new phone.
Twitter is @thesanduchiha

My wife would love this phone. Cmon sprint. I love your service, I love using telenav and I love coming to androidcentral.

My wife would finally get hooked on something having to do with technology, plus I'd love a new phone.

Twitter: @willynelson20

Would love the new eco 3d. I have the eco 4g but the screen is broken and can't upgrade until February 2013.


Winning these phones would be the perfect excuse to finally switch to Sprint.
Twitter: Banderson099

I'd avoided getting a twitter account until seeing this. Might even start using twitter because of it. @Poodlini

I have been waiting years to upgrade to an Android. I hate my stupid LG Rumor Touch.

Twitter: chrispivik

@GallopingCow - been waiting to get my hands on one, but i don't have a single retail store nearby where i can check it out. i've been waiting to hear whether sprint will get the pre 3, but if i win this, then my next phone choice would be obvious! :D

honestly i have been dying for a new phone but I have to wait one year for my upgrade I currently have a blackberry curve that I have to charge 3 times a day. Winning this would mean a lot to me.

Thank you for the consideration.


The Sprint store sales guy had to pry the EVO 3D out of my hands as the cutting edge EVO 3D just screamed take me home! NOW!



I'd love to win an EVO 3D, I have had the HTC Hero ever since it came out I think its about time for an upgrade, that I can't provide for myself at the moment, winning this phone would be so great. I hope you see this.

Twitter: @iKingBey

This is why I love Android Central. I will continue to let everyone knows about this forum.

Thank you guys. Twitter name: @rushrl.

it would be cool if i won cause my htc hero's touchscreen isn't responding when i touch it...i can do everything else with the trackingball except type any words!
twitter: @covac8

Great job on rewarding your followers!

This would be great for my wife, her phone is up for an upgrade on November but her current cellphone is giving its last breaths...

My Twitter handle: aledc78


Would love an evo 3d to replace my dying Sprint Pre-. I'm begging android central!

twitter: @nickafreeman

Would be awesome to win an Evo 3D, save me from buying one in a few months.

Twitter: mcross72

Thank you for the opportunity. Telenav and Sprint has provided me with hours of knowing where I am driving. Twitter: nicholassova

I'm new to Android phones, so it would be nice to start off with the lastest and greatest! @yllwboysr

Would love to have an upgrade for my EVO.
Keep up the good work on the site!
Twitter: @mtsmedly

Didn't win the Galaxy Tab 10.1... I never win anything :(... I'll try my luck with this contest... Fingers crossed!!

Twitter: @thechuckfrank

A 3D might be the only thing that keeps me from going to T-Mobile when my contract is up. My EVO hasn't been the same great phone since the GB update and I can't get a 4G signal at work or at home.

Twitter = @mightymouse68

Hey guys! I just want to say thanks to all of the sponsors and AndroidCentral for making this contest happen. I do not really go for these contest because I never seem to win, but that EVO 3D has sparked my interest in HTC Sense powered Android phones. I have not been a big fan of HTC and I would love to experience what all the fuss is about. Anyway here is my twitter @abezapata and good luck to you all!

TWITTER: froggbee

My hubby would be thrilled, he's had his Samsung Intercept for way too long and is always drooling over my Evo.

I love my EVO 4G.. but a 3D would be ohh so much nicer.

Twitter: @JordanIsBored (Which is why I entered a contest with over 1k people!)

would sure love to get an Evo 3d for free. I'm sure tired of getting jerked around by the "be a 3D superstar sweepstakes" and customer service. This is a good option.

Twitter: @aweswalker

3D EVO wow
Hopes high I hear they can fly
Fingers crossing now!

This would be so fantastic to win these! You guys rock!


Twitter enochwong7

I would love to win this for my mommy! She really needs a good phone!

Twitter: @loso174

I never win these things... but here's to hoping I do.

Twitter: @myleskoertje


I'd love to win one because I never win anything and the Evo 3D is a pretty sweet phone!

Twitter: @gamble_FTW

Nice contest for sprint! Would love to replace current sprint phone with this!

im @burnnhell on twitter

I'm rocking an HTC Hero and I would love to improve my social status with an Evo 3D!

Sprint rules! 3d is a great entertainment platform with a lot of space to grow. Would love to show this off to all my iPhone friends. Rocking the OG EVO! @DMSP3677

Would love to win one for the wife. She'd flip if I won her an EVO 3d. Twitter: salr88

This would make an INCREDIBLE birthday present for the wife. Let's hope I get lucky ; )

There is typically a .001% chance you will win something like this. Currently there is either a .1% or a .2% depending on how the two evos are awarded. I always enter these though. It's so exciting and I really want a 3d! Woot! Win win win win win :) android central rocks.

There is typically a .001% chance you will win something like this. Currently there is either a .1% or a .2% depending on how the two evos are awarded. I always enter these though. It's so exciting and I really want a 3d! Woot! Win win win win win :) android central rocks.
i have one, but sister has had a tumultuous year, would be nice to put a smile on her face with just a simple gift like this one.

I would love to surprise my friend with this. She's been digging android since her brother gets all the gadgets. @mikeym0p

Could really use the phone. My fiance is pregnant and her Evo was stolen so she is relegated to the cheap phone until we can afford a better one. I would love to surprise her with this one.

Twitter is @erikscooper

Sprint, I have been phone less for the past 5 months. You see, I dropped and broke my evo 4g in February. I had warranty on it so I knew I was gonna have to drop 100 dollars to have it replaced. When I get to the store, the ledy tells me i had no warranty to begin with, which is untrue because I had replaced the phone before with that warranty. So basically she said she couldn't do anything about it and that I would just have to wait til my next upgrade. So just letting you know in case you happen to read this. @Craggie4ever

Twitter handle:kaediil

Been a loyalty sprint customer for more then 10 years and would love this phone!

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