T-Mobile officially started rolling out the Android 1.6 'Donut' update to Android users across the country this past Thursday and we're hoping a good portion of you guys received it. For those who have, this poll is for you--we're sure a lot of you guys have already taken 'Donut' for a spin, so what's your favorite new Android 1.6 'Donut' feature?

Though Android 1.6 'Donut' isn't a dramatic change from 1.5, it still adds some new features to Android. Namely, the Quick Search Box, Updated Android Market, New Battery Usage Indicator and Improved Performance all over the place. Let us know which new feature you feel is the best in the poll above.

Feel free to make your pick and explain why in the comments!


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What's Your Favorite New Feature in Android 1.6 'Donut'


Im truly enjoying the o.s as a hole. Things running more fluently, minimal lag. Everything just fells more.stable.

I *love* quick search box. Moved from Hero ROM to pure 1.6 just for that one feature :)
Next fav. feature would be battery usage indicator and then market.
And I wouldn't count improved performance as a "feature", but of course it's a great improvement.

after updating, gives me fresh face force quit constantly, every time i force quit another pops up, is there a fix? has anybody had the same problem?

Camera is actually useable, and quite fast. I snapped more pictures over the weekend then I have since I got the phone back in October.

My phone says the update is available but won't connect to download it yet. Where do you see the improved performance?

OS flows more smoothly. In particular I was interested in video playback. Prior to 1.6 some of my ripped movies the video would freeze while the audio continued. That problem has been fixed. "Head of State" was the movie that gave me the most problems (probably because of the settings used to convert) but it played the whole movie.

Did notice something pleasantly interesting. I had 6MB of free space for apps. After the update, it jumped to 10MB. Not complaining, just saying :-)

I'm seeing the same internal memory space jump as well. I used have about 7-8mb free, but after the 1.6 update, I'm now getting about 12mb.

I am getting a constant android.process.media force close box since the OTA update to 1.6. From some quick research I did, it seems that my memory card somehow got corrupted?

Anyone else seeing this? It started right after 1.6 was installed...

I got the same error, too, and ended up reformatting the SD card (after backing up the data on my hard drive!).

Well, still waiting for it to download from T Mobile. Its been trying to download for 6 hours now. Hope this doesnt turn in to too big of a circus.

Another cool feature is that now you can set shortcuts for direct call or sms to your contacts. I use this now as a speed dial feature :D

I forgot all about the Donut update and got a pop for OTA right after class.

Well, the quick search is very nice and the camera interface is very nice. Market has a new layout and so does Youtube.

All 3 G1’s on my account have recieved it now. Some of the things that I have noticed that don't seem to be getting much attention are:
-The ability to clear the data & cache from google maps using Settings>applications>manage applications>maps.
-You can now see your pictures using google maps. Go to gallery>camera pictures then open the pic you want and press menu>more>show on maps. it uses the gps data it collected when you took the pic (if you selected that option) to show where it was taken in google maps. Also when viewing a picture you have zoom controls, directional arrows and Set as, Share and Delete all viewable without pressing menu.
-obviously new widgets, market, and camera layout
-And I also noticed that there seemed to be more space available after the update.

I'm having the same damn problem as the above user, where after updating to 1.6, freshface is forcing me to quit, I can't exit fresh face or access the settings to turn freshface off. It give me the following msg: "Sorry! The application FreshFace (process com.mappn.freshface) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." Below this is "Force Close" tab.

If anyone has a solution PLEASE HELP. I need to use my phone but can't do anything. Tried restart a couple of times. Don't want to do a master reset and lose my data and prefs.

If anyone knows how to get bypass this error msg and to the settings menu PLEASE HELP.


Actually, I managed to fix it. But this is all thanks to the fact I have advanced power manager installed, and that starts automatically on startup.

I could swap to "advanced power manager" using the "press the home button" key to do the alt-tab-like feature. Then from advanced power manager, there's a "update ?" button, which starts the market.

From the market, I saw that there was a freshface 2.0 update, that I installed, and which works properly.

Start phone in safe mode (hold down menu while starting up phone). Then go in and uninstall that app. You can reinstall it and then it should work fine.

I hear the update hasnt reached people with mytouch. Has anybody received da update with a mytouch?

I'm glad T-Mobile tests their apps in the App pack for bugs with OS updates. Oh wait they didn't, no wonder we are struggling as a company.

the new video camera sucks you can only take 1 min of video thats lame and what is the new battery meeter its exactly the same as before