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BigDinCA writes in our Android Forums,

I'm heading up to the Bay area this weekend and want to stop and check out the center of the Android Universe, but I am clueless. Do they give tours? Is it an open campus that I can just explore? Where can I park, and is it free?

I've searched and couldn't find anything, although I do see some visitor parking outside Building 44 (the Android android!) on Google Maps so I am hoping for the best. If anyone has any tips or insight please feel free to let me know what to do/where to go.

Also, I will do what I can to get some info from Andy, Sergey et al. I'm not opposed to a lighthearted kidnapping, a la Christmas Vacation. Let me know.

Building 44 is a must-see. I'd also recommend having someone take a picture of you taking a picture of yourself taking a picture of the inhabitants of Building 44 who are laughing and taking a picture of someone taking a picture of you taking a picture of yourself. (If you've had any Googlers circled on Google+ from the last year or so, that'll make sense. Otherwise, apologies.)

But do remember that for as open and friendly as the Google campus is, people do work there.

I was last in Mountain View -- my only time, actually -- more than a year ago for the Honeycomb event. I assume it's only gotten more awesome. Anyone else been recently? Drop BigDinCA a line here.


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What to do when visiting Google?


I visited a few weeks ago too. Took my picture next the android statue, ate some free food, got a free smoothie, and spent like $20 for a t-shirt. Pretty lackluster experience.

I really like the new format of putting some forum discussions on the front page. It think it's a great way to tie the Androdcentral community to the site.

It's much better than the "App XYZ has a new update"... you know we all get the same notifications from the Google play store.

Phil, you should have taken a couple dozen Jelly Donuts and a bowl of jelly beans. Then hang out in the cafeteria. Hand out the Donuts and Jelly Beans and point out how it should be Jelly Donut, not Jelly Bean, DUH!

Funny, I just moved here to Mountain View in January, this is on my list of things to do.. I've driven by at night, but have yet to get there in the daylight with my DSLR.. No clue what the procedures are or what to expect..

I'd bring my iPad and iPhone 4S and show them what they're missing. Got to love that now Chrome OS is becoming more like Windows,

Good idea. I'll go drop about $1400 so I can show the Google people some closed-source goodness... tool. Have you ever been beaten by a pack of nerds? Although it doesn't hurt that much, it is tiring.