Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept

Virgin Mobile has joined the wonderful world of Android, with the Samsung Intercept as its first device. The happy marriage was announced on Facebook, and no information was released on pricing or availability. Virgin Mobile promised more info would be coming soon, which is darn nice of them. [Facebook via Phonescoop]


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Virgin Mobile getting the Samsung Intercept


Virgin Mobile is actually a great company. I had them for years before I was able to consistently afford a monthly bill from a major carrier. The ability to prepay minutes is nice as you don't have to worry about missing a monthly payment. Their customer service is great too. One of the major problems I had was the lack of any real quality phones, so I'm actually excited for them to get an Android phone finally.

Agreed that Virgin Mobile is a great company. I signed my parents up for them since they needed a cell phone with good service. They don't use their phones as often as I do so the $25/month plan is perfect for them. Glad to see VM is getting Android!!