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We have previously seen Bluetooth keyboards paired with rooted devices, and all of that fun hackery, but this time we have a very simple, straightforward solution that can be used on a stock Android device. Share Keyboard is an application that will allow users to use their computer keyboard to type notes, emails, or any other messages for their Android device right from their computer.

The way this works is after a user sets Share Keyboard as their input method, they are then given a URL at the bottom of the screen, which they visit from a computer. After visiting this from a computer they are then able to type, and watch it all appear on their Android screen after they have finished typing and clicked the send to phone. Additionally, if you found yourself in the middle of an e-mail that got longer then expected, you can pull the text from the phone, sync it to the website, finish the message and sync back to the phone for easy sending. For those who want an easy solution, without the need for root and flashing custom ROM's on your device, this application is definitely a great way to achieve easy typing on your Android device. [Android Zoom via Android Central Forums]


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Use your computer keyboard to type on your Android device


God, I wish I could get a functionning bluetooth keyboard on my phone - with SimpleNote syncing, it would make typing essays/taking notes so ridiculously easy.

This works...perfectly! Wow...awesome job!!! This is a must have app...soo much easier to text!
5 STARS!!!

I can't help thinking that this is just plain dangerous... It's like voluntarily installing a keylogger.

I can't honestly think of a reason why someone would want to connect to the internet to type on his/her phone. I think it kind of defeats the purpose...

For the email example, you might as well save the draft and continue on your computer, since you'll have to connect to the internet anyway.

I just don't see where the benefits come in, where as the security risk is not even worth bothering with this app. SMS, phone numbers, addresses, names... who knows even bank accounts , passwords, email accounts, you name it !!!

Not to be all negative, cloud services are pretty awesome, but all the more reason to be careful about what we actually put on it.

At the very least, security liabilities should have been referred to in the article :\

@hadesto, have you tried PDANet?

Its a tethering program, free or paid ($29.99), but one of the features you can use in either version is their SMS Agent, where you can text on your phone through what looks like an instant messenger window on your computer through USB or Bluetooth. Definitely a winner for me, for security and ease of use.

Hope that helps!

- AP

Sort of overkill. I've used "wifi keyboard" before. Its simpler instead of using a website you just use it over wifi and connect directly to the device thru a port. I'm more confident in that ones security than the web based one. But I still am reluctant to do anything confidential using wifi keyboard or any 3rd party keyboard actually like Touchpal or Smart Keyboard Pro. I'll always go back to the Android keyboard for anything confidential.

i think this would be great for text messaging. but does it type right into your texting program like handcent

This app seems rather unnecessary. WiFi keyboard works better and Texdro (when its working; free works better than paid) are much better.

For those who have never tried Texdro, it creates AIM like windows on your desktop and syncs with all messaging apps. This means you never have to pick up your phone to text. It works great for when I am in class on in an important meeting, or just at work. The app also marks messages as read and kills phone SMS notifications. If only it worked 100% of the time. AC should profile Texdro, maybe the increased attention would finally get it over the top!

This makes no sense unless you're using it for notes. You need an internet connection on the computer in able to send text to the phone. Why not just send the email from the computer?

I could definitely use this. My work blocks just about anything so being able to respond to emails, txts, or use my phone to look something up w/o actually having to pick my phone up all the time would work great :)

This is just stupid. As others have said, if I am on a computer then I would just use the computer. I cannot understand why you would ever need to do this.

I am rooted, anyone know how I can use my old Palm Bluetooth keyboard with my Evo? Now THAT would be useful...

I used to use MyMobiler with my WinMo phone in order to remotely control it and type notes and such from my computer keyboard. It was a great app and very useful and one of the things I really missed when first going to Android. But now I can live without it as I use an app that syncs notes online and texting is pretty easy on my EVO.