Bean Flinger

Android 4.2's "daydreams" are neat little screensaver-like apps that can run when your phone or tablet is docked or charging. Out of the box, there are five stock daydreams available, but there's a hidden fifth one that's unlockable if you access the Jelly Bean "Easter egg" animation.

As we first revealed back at Google I/O, tapping several times on the Android version number under Settings > About phone will bring up a large Jelly Bean smiley face. Hold down on that for a few seconds, and you'll be taken to a screen filled with even more happy beans.

Once that's done, the "BeanFlinger" daydream will be unlocked. Find it with the rest under Settings > Display > Daydreams. This process should work on any Android 4.2 device that supports daydreams.

Happy bean-flinging, folks. We've got video after the break.

Thanks for the tip, @bsrubio!

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scg1981 says:

Thanks. I'll go flick my bean now!

curley says:

LOL!!! you just made my day!!

geoff5093 says:

Is there a way to set a time limit for daydreams? It would be cool to have a screensaver on my Android while charging for a few minutes, but I wouldn't want it running for hours and hours, especially when I'm sleeping. It will take longer to charge, and burn out the display faster.

+ 1

font1975 says:

Yep, a timeout value would be nice. I had DayDream on for about 15 minutes when that light bulb went off in my head: "Leaving my display on full-time can't be good". I've since turned it off.

Of course, it's AMOLED, and if you choose the "clock", the display is mostly off and burning little energy. For LCD screens, though, the back light would be running full time I would think.

trooper54 says:

Common Android, I've been flinging beans since Highschool =P

akhan47 says:

THIS is why I love Google.

MAD WIL says:

I found this last week by mistake on my T-Mobile Note 2 (Android version 4.1.1), but didn't know how to get back to it. I don't see the other "daydreams", but if you triple tap on the android version ,you can flick your beans....

Unibrow says:

That's the Jelly Bean easter egg, not anything to do with "day dreams." On gingerbread, it was a horde of zombies on phones with a gingerbread android. On ICS, it was nyandroid and now on Jelly Bean it's what you found. =)

font1975 says:

The DayDream feature is only on 4.2. The Easter egg has been there awhile.

cyanogen-man says:

true but it could also take care of that pesky 98% charged when its says100% so it doesn't mess with the battery and over charge it

Unibrow says:


bobbob1016 says:

Typo: "Out of the box, there are *five* stock daydreams available, but there's a hidden *fifth* one that's unlockable if you access"
You either mean "four...fifth" or "five...sixth"

Either way, I won't see JellyBean 4.2 on my Evo3D on Sprint anytime soon, so yeah lol

font1975 says:

I already knew about the easter egg, as that has been in Android for awhile now. I had already went into the Easter egg before getting to the DayDream settings. I had just assumed the "Bean Flinger" thing was already there as a default. Didn't realized I had "unlocked" it!

revtech says:

Was fun to unlock it on my xoom wi-fi tablet, but then when I went to settings > display there was no 'daydream' setting; so apparently that was the extent of my fun, unless someone knows something I don't about this =)

oops, nevermind, just re-read and I see its only for 4.2, I've got 4.1.2

topdeck1800 says:

Found it myself yesterday.
Did anyone else see a Kandy Cane? Because I had one, only on the first time it started In Daydream!

Bishounen says:

I did. JB 4.1.1 here, so I don't get the daydream, but the beanflinger "game" is there. There was a single candy cane floating among the beans. Once it floated off screen it didn't return. Very strange.


I just noticed that after I exited the beanflinger game, the next time I opened the Easter Egg with the triple tap the single large bean no longer has the Android face. It's just a plain red jellybean. VERY VERY weird.

o_dat1 says:

If you have a blank face after tapping the 4.1 or 4.2 version number three times under setting. Just tap the blank jelly bean and the smile comes back.

Nick Mccrory says:

If you hold down on the ics android he starts to fly lol.

homunuculus says:

I really miss the sleeping screen feature on my old Nokia n8, that was a neat way of checking time, plus it isnt a drain on the battery, if you don't know what that is, look it up

Bear King says:

LOL . . . Just did it . . . Works flawlessly :)

robsawalker says:

Not on Vodafone HTC One 4.2.2.... :(

Cid is the boot animation for CyanogenMod.The android 4.2.2 rom I was using a year ago ,included a custom daydream jellybean flinger of the CyanogenMod mascot.I'm not sure was it included in one of the ROMs or downloaded from the playstore?

Do anyone know where I can download it from.