United Airlines Android App

The United Airlines Android app favors function over form - but is that really a surprise?

United Airlines has its own Android application. That's good news for you folks who fly the airline reborn from the merger with Continental in 2010, and who have been waiting for United finally poke its head into the tech of 2012.

The app is full of functionality, which is good, because visually it's as poor as United's full website. (Then again, if you fly United on a regular basis, you're probably already used to that.) But you can search and purchase flights (the latter half of that equation isn't something all U.S. airlines offer). You can get flight status, airport maps, check your existing reservations and, perhaps most important, get mobile boarding passes.

Just don't expect it to look good, or even attempt to follow Android design guidelines. And you'll need to be patient if it decides to chew on some data for a few minutes -- there's no way to cancel an action without force-quitting the app.

The app is free, as you'd expect. We've got a slew of screen shots after the break.


Reader comments

United Airlines Android app lands (hard) in Google Play


I can confirm that this app has been around for a loooong time.

Seriously, it is a good app but it loads up during start-up and sips away a electrons for nothing. For people who don't travel every day (~99.999% of humans) it's annoying as hell.

Eh, we just never got around to looking at it until now. (Our fault.)

The real question is why, after all this time, does it still look like ass?

While I am not exactly a fan of UA, it feels like the article is a little biased.

The APP has been on the market for a long time and the website is functional, including being able to book complicated awards on-line.

It is better than DL.com which still has issues booking awards, let alone awards involving partners and forget booking awards at the low level, that is almost impossible.

While I agree the UA App is far from perfect, it does get the job done, plus it shows the upgrade list and the tail number of the the aircraft operating your flight, which for an aerogeek or just somebody who wants to know where their aircraft is coming from is a nice addition.