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TuneIn Radio updated with new Google+ sign-in feature


So, here's what I want to know. I use Tune In Radio Pro on Amazon's Kindle Fire. The Fire natively does not support Google's apps, like Google+. So what will happen to apps that are valid on Kindle Fire but which will be needing/using Google+ Sign in?

you wont get those features. your software will be way behind in version or those feature removed.

here is what i did. I tried to login but as soon as i could see the next screen I accidently clicked on something. I assume accept. then i disconnected the app from G+ app settings. when to do the same but now it auto login. stupid tunein

For some reason when I try to sign into Tunein pro now with Google+ it says an internal error has occurred. It worked the first time I did it and it works with the free version of tunein but no matter if I clear data, uninstall, disconnect from g+, or sign into the website...nothing works. I can no longer sign in with G+ on tunein pro and they are not responding to my support request...anyone have some ideas?